RV Construction Methods – Slides

The digital notebook is taking shape with added pages where I’m capturing information as I learn about it.  Thought I’d take a quick moment to point you to a few of the new pages.

Under the Construction Methods Page:
Added Slide Research
.  This topic is going to take a long time to research. Here you will find a long list of notes I’ve taken as well as a few links to where I’ve been finding some of the information. I intend to write a blog posting at a later date to summarize the research.

Under the Parking Lot Page:
Parking Lot
I added a few sub pages.  While reading the Tumbleweed Blog (five years worth) it became apparent I need a place to “park” all the wonderful information I learned from their blog as well as others.

Fifth Wheel Manufacturers is the page I’m parking links to full-time trailers I’ve researched.  Rving Gadgets and RV/Truck Maintenance Items are also two new pages. Again, like other pages, these are a work in progress.  And lastly, I added RV Parks Near Kansas City. I’m nearing the opinion that Kansas City is not a popular stop for full-timers. In future blog postings I’ll report on a few of the wonderful places to visit.  We intend to spend longer periods parked near home to visit family.  I decided to research and evaluate all the local RV parks, focusing on which ones we would want to stay at for extended lengths of time.  I decided to also report on a few parks for the benefit of others. Wish I had this page done last night. Someone in the Escapees forum is moving to town and needed a good spot to stay for 30 to 60 days.

At the bottom of the RV Parks Near Kansas City page are a few good links for trip planning.  I searched through these finding placing to stop in Kansas City.

I also took some time to get outside. We have lived in the same sticks and bricks home for about 14 years. I got a start on removing some of the over-grown bushes and pruning back some trees. The new plantings are ones that will look good in four to seven years when we sell this place.

3 thoughts on “RV Construction Methods – Slides

    • Thank you. Keeping my notes here is real handy. I’ve been researching construction methods and it’s been a big help to type in the notes as I find them. Feel free to add comments even on older pages. Hoping to learn from everyone.



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