2015 Decisions – Done

  • Attend RV Show – Decided a fifth wheel is in our future.
  • Select scanner and media for photos and important paper storage. Begin the process of going paperless.
  • Using all the features of WordPress.com. What I have now works and learning as I go. I use WordPress Beginner. It makes no sense to pay for a .com site. I don’t feel the need to protect the site name as I don’t plan to earn an income from it.  I asked the guys at Geeks On Tour and went with their recommendation. This could change if pop-up adds become overwhelming – then I’d most likely go with the $99 a year plan.
  • Start some downsizing – Others have been saying start now.  We already modified spending habits. In this step I’d hope to learn the best places to get rid of stuff. I’m sure this will be an on-going project. At this time we are filling the trash each week and taking other small steps towards downsizing.
  • Continue to get healthy: Mentally, physically and spiritually. This will be an ongoing task that has to become habit.  SparkPeople is a good place to start. Suppose I’ll have to give up chewing – after 30 years. Get the bike out of storage and walk more with Karen and the dogs. I’ll go get a full check-up this year. Really like this lady’s summary. Stopped chewing 1/10/15 – using the patch and will see how long that lasts. (It lasted about a month!)
  • Start a very basic spreadsheet of places we want to see organized by state or whatever.  I put the topic in our 2019 decisions list as well.  By then we could better rely on camp ground ratings and similar stops and will expand the list. As I read other blogs I’m finding great ideas.
  • Finalize sale of our small business. Sold to a key employee.
  • Consider buying a small fire safe – decided to get a non fire rated safe once we are on the road.  Will need to be bolted to unit, maybe behind a fake cabinet door or something similar.  Will use fire proof pouches.
  • Check list for major home improvements. Stuff we can do now that will be a benefit when we sell and allow us to enjoy the improvements now.  Individual items were added to lists under the appropriate year to complete.
  • Review schedule to be debt free asap. Increased payments on house to make sure it’s paid off by our earliest possible retirement date. Everything else is paid off.  In 2015 interest rates for savings accounts were terrible, so it turned into a year of paying down debt and putting money into the 401k for long term growth.
  • Take a look at photo management. I downloaded Picasa for photos and checked into Pinterest as a way of bookmarking RV related web sites or places we might want to visit. I decided both were more complex to use than what we required. As of 2015 I’m using a process that includes Microsoft Photo Gallery.
  • 9/10/15 is one year anniversary for planning. Combine the 59 and 56 years of age retirement plans into one document and call this the new Hybrid plan. Update all the figures based on actuals.
  • Research how to save fuel costs when driving to include miles per gallon. Idea came up after renting a Class C. Found out there is an optimum RPM to run the engine at which makes a difference. Some say a full back cap also helps with air flow.
  • Religion while on the Road. Seach out resources and places to visit. Added a section on the reference page.

This year is closed to updating.

3 thoughts on “2015 Decisions – Done

  1. Love your approach on making goals each year. We just retired at age 55 in July 2014 and ‘hit the road’ in our truck camper. We spent 3 years tracking every single expense and then doing our projections based on that data. So far during our first six months, we have spent considerably less than we projected. I think it has been very cost effective to not travel very far between each camping area. We did camp host for three months as a transition from full time careers. Next year will be closer because of trip to Alaska. You might also think about getting a bank account through a large credit union –they have great low cost services and full online banking but even better they will nationwide free ATM access and be a part of ‘credit union shared branching’ where you go into another credit union and do your business on your credit union account. Good luck! Caite and Glenn GConthemove.com


  2. Congrats on retirement! Right now we are banking with Bank of America. They charge for ATM usage if it’s not at a branch location. As we are not retiring for at least 4 years, and most likely eight years, I’ve not taken time to look into the best banking situation for full-timing. I’m adding that to the to-do list!

    Thanks for posting the comment. We are really wanting as much feedback as we can get.


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