Just Got Started on This Page

I made the decision a couple years ago to postpone study on connectivity, such as phone/internet/tv until we got closer to going full time. Because the technology would surely have changed.  I’m just getting started now.  These are just a few general notes for now.

Wifiranger Elite: External antenna increases reception of WIFI. It has ports to plug in a cellular device such as a smart phone or similar. Then the wifiranger brings all the connections together and manages it like a fancy router.  Watch the video at their site. Here is a link by RV Geeks on installation. Lots of reputable travelers are using it to include Technomadia, Wheelingit and more. (8//17/17) Cost around $625

Technomadia overview  (G0 Here First) on available options.  This 24 minute video gives provides a bunch of ideas which might be usable given your unique needs. You can drift around on their website or go directly to the device review page here.

Weboost: Cell signal boosting. The Wifiranger does not boost cell signal and they recommend Weboost. (8//17/17) Cost around $500.

Peplink appears to be another popular vendor for mobile routers and such.

I’ll be going with a portable satellite dish if we decide to purchase one. Dish Network appears to be popular for travelers.

For cell service, a part time job I’m keeping on the road pays for T-Mobile that has no data limits. Karen’s phone in on the AT&T network with a 2 gig limit. My current full time job provides me a Verizon phone and has no data limit. Once we go full time we will most likely keep two different network phone to increase potential coverage. We are going to vacation before that for longer periods so will have the three networks until retirement.

Wifi boosting and router: Perhaps a usable approach is an antenna hooked to an inside router. From the router you connect computer wirelessly and password protected. Then have a setup for cellular independently where the booster is connected or communicates to a standalone cellular hot spot. Some devises allow everything to hook to one router and controls which signal it uses for various reasons.