RV Accessories

We are going to do our best to hold off purchasing most gadgets until after we are on the road and know for sure what we want.  Others recommend not buying anything that does not serve at least two purposes.

Inflatable Kayak (Click for link)

Let RV Website links: If you want to page through a lot of products, here is 14 pages worth.

Electronics and Connectivity

Kitchen/Cooking Related Items

Sewer and Water Handling

Other Outside RV Related Accessories I’ve Heard About.

  • Campfire in a Can. Enjoy the comfort and beauty of a campfire everywhere. Runs on propane.
  • Zero Gravity Chairs. Supposed to be more comfortable than chairs in a bag.
  • Sunblocker: A shade to hook on the awning. Here is a $99 version a trusted friend uses.
  • Maxxair Cover:  Allows you keep vents open in the rain
  • $10 step light that uses existing wiring.
  • The Solution RV cleaner:  Clean and shine all in one. Heard about it on the RV Travels with Karen and Al blog.
  • Corner Guards for Slide Outs: Saves deep gashes in head. Not sure if ones permanently fixed or movable are best yet. Note, on a visit to RV dealerships in 2015 I noted it was common for corner guards to have already been installed.
  • Sport-Brella Sun Shade: For the beach.
  • Bicycle cover from Etrailer.com.
  • Wheel stabilizing chocks. Helps stop movement inside when parked.
  • What about a water regulator for times when the pressure is high. Heard mostly have to worry about the outlets with the big handles.
  • Hide a Key pouch with ballistic material for extra RV door key.
  • Rubber wheel chock: by Harbor Freight. Some park, place these behind the tires, level up and then use the scissor thing that goes between wheels to stop movement. They don’t chock the tires with the scissor things because they might dig into the tires if the trailer rolls at all during hook-up or leveling, therefore, they use both devices..
  • Anderson 3604 Camper Leveler: Rather than using boards under tires.
  • Tri-pod cloths drying rack. Folds up for storage and one $10 for place to hang wet clothing. Some people just put a friction bar at the top of their shower.
  • Strongback Elite Chair: Expensive at $99. I like to sit in one and give it a try. Walmart sells them.

Other Inside RV Related Accessories

  • Dowel Rod: Heard of using it attahed to hitch for spot to lineup. Also put marks on it to show how wide your slides are in case you need to measure, for example to make sure you will not hit tree when putting slides out..
  • Terro Ant Bait:  Okay, so it’s not an RV gadget but just as important. Never used them but others recommend.
  • Dyson cordless vacuum. Karen said she does not want a whole house vacuum that is built in. She likes the Dyson because it can be made into a handheld.  I’d like one that can be used in the truck as well.
  • Telesteps 700FLD 7-Feet Double Folding Step Ladder:  Folds up for easy storage. Found this one in a blog post by On The Move. When checking the manufacturers web site it appears the weight limit is 250 pounds. The ladder is 24 pounds and folds down to a tube like shape.
  • Rollup table: Fits in a bag and weighs in at 12.5 pounds.

Blog Pages or Lists

  • Roads Less Traveled list of items they have reviewed. Mark researches everything and appears to be one of those you can trust to just go with whatever he decided upon. 
  • RV Geeks list of favorite gear: Listed on separate pages. There are several videos regarding their purchase decisions as well.

Photos and Other Stuff

Fridge Lock

Fridge Lock

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