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I’m keeping notes here about selecting a domicile State. I waited until now (more than two years from starting to plan) to hit this topic harder. Mostly because things could have changes as to which State was best. For example, obtaining healthcare is a big one. Here in 2017 it appears only Florida may have insurance available to full timers traveling out of State who are on pre-Medicare insurance. Karen will have Medicare a few months after we go full time. I’ll be pre-Medicare for some time.

We are planning to setup our new mail service well in advance of retirement. That should help with address changes and setting up or retirement benefits. Then change domical on our first trip out, before the end of the year.

Here is a good forum on splitting from your existing State. The suggestion is to leave during the year and file a partial year tax return in your previous State. One person suggested also sending a note in to cancel your voter registration. People make these suggestions so your original State does not come after you for taxes. (8/17/17)

How to move to Florida in an hour  blog post.

Excellent forum thread on getting a Texas exempt CDL for rigs with a total gross weight capacity of 26,000 pounds or more.

Motorhome Monday YouTube Video: As of 2017, excellent video comparing states. They have a chart in the comments section that breaks down the important decisions which is as follows:

Sales/Property Tax (Statewide only – does not include local sales tax)
o Texas – 6.25%
o South Dakota – 4%
o Florida – 6%
o Nevada – 7.6% (Nye County)

Registration Fees (Motorhome only, not including one time fees)
o Texas – $216.50
o South Dakota – $396
o Florida – $47.50
o Nevada – $2030

Driver’s License
o Texas – Special license + written and driving tests 26,001 lbs and over.  ^ year Renewal cycle and must appear in person every 12 years to renew
o South Dakota – No special licenses.  Must appear in person every 5 years to renew if using a PMB address (or show a receipt of one nights stay).
o Florida – No special licenses for RV’s.  May renew online, unable to determine if you ever need to appear in person.
o Nevada – Special license + written and driving tests 26,001 lbs and over.  4 year renewal cycle and must renew in person every 8 years.

Vehicle Insurance (According to 2017)
o Texas – 14% higher than national average
o South Dakota – 20% LOWER than national average
o Florida – 40% higher than national average
o Nevada – 2% higher than national average

Health Insurance (from Kaiser Family Foundation 2017 – Rates are for a 40 year old, non-smoking individual)
o Texas – 10 participating insurers (only one or two in many counties) rates increased 13%, 2nd lowest silver plan $288
o South Dakota – 2 participating issuers, rates increased 45%, 2nd lowest silver plan $448
o Florida – 5 participating issuers (only one or two in many counties) rates increased 17%, 2nd lowest silver plan $306
o Nevada – 3 participating issuers (only one in most counties), rates increased 8% , 2nd lowest silver plan $282

I would have added in 2018 only Florida offers a nationwide healthcare plan under the Affordable Care Act plans.