(update 9/27/17) I’ve just started to see reports on the 2018 Ram and there are substantial changes in the trucks abilities. I’ve also started looking a polls on RV forums where it’s asked what truck you tow with. In the dually category the RAM usually is more popular than the Ford, followed by the Chevy/GMC at a close 2nd.

In 2017 the Ram Laramie is my other truck within the group of one tons that have leather interior options. However, they need to up their horse power ratings because every one else is leaving them behind. Horse power maintains your speed, in particular on hills, after the torch gets you up to speed. Chevy/GMC has the best horse power but Ford has the better torch. The Laramie Longhorn is outside my budget and I don’t like the interior which is the same reason the Ford King Ranch is off the list.

  • Dodge Ram 3500HD. SLT, Larime and Larime Longhorn (1/2/16)
  • I’ve been hearing Ram is working on their big changes for 2018. (12/26/16). They noted seeing a hood scoop on the truck.  I believe Chevy changed their hood in 2017, adding a scoop, because a new engine design. Update us the capabilities were increased as the 2018 was introduced in September of 2017. There is talk the 1500 series will be all new for 2019 and for the 2019 model year they will be switching factories around which will allow for a period of time an expansion from two to three factories. The 3500 for 2018 exceeds the 2017 Ford F350 in towing capacity.
  • Many say the Cummings diesel is the best in the business.
  • I’m still confirming this but I saw a chart where for trucks, Ford is the #1 seller followed by the combined totals for Chevy/GMC then Dodge. However when separated from the Chevy Silverado totals, the Ram outsells the GMC Sierra in 2016.
    • 1st – Ford F Series
    • 2nd – Chevy Silverado
    • 3rd – Ram
    • 4th – GMC Sierra
  • I found a 2017 poll in the Montana fifth wheel owners forum which showed Ram 3500 dually is used to tow nearly twice as often as the Ford F350 dually. That’s a big number and perhaps the greatest reason to choice the Ram over the Ford.

2017 Ram Lineup2017 Ram Lineup

  • Here is an active Ram Truck forum.