Other Links

(updated 1/16/17)

Electronics and Connectivity on the Road: Just added 1/26/17

YouTube and Other Video

  • Pete’s RV.com: Really enjoy the great walk-through videos of fifth wheels which they perform with factor reps.  Found a ton of videos regarding items such as generator selection. (11/2/14)
  • RV News Net: It’s like watching all things RV on a television show.  They also have a web site RVNN.TV (10/8/14)
  • RV Travel.com: All things about RVing (11/23/14)
  • Better RVing: Good videos on operating a motorhome. (12/3/14)
  • American Nomads: Documentary over an hour long.  Warning – some adult language (3/27/15)
  • RV Geeks: Lots of tips for maintenance and other items (3/29/15)
  • American RVer.com: Four years of RV related TV. (6/1/15)
  • New RV Driver Skills: 45 minute video. (8/10/15)
  • Great American Country/RV:  TV show (9/5/15)
  • RVwithTito: Lots of videos to pass the time. (11/22/15)
  • Look Before Buying: Informative 45 minute video with pros/cons of rig/floor plan selection. (2/12/16)
  • Toilet Paper Test: Charmin Ultra Soft was the winner with Angel Soft coming in second. Update – we used both at home and prefer Charmin. (3/12/16)

Books I’ve Read or Thinking About Buying (I try and only buy books that download now)

I’ve been using Bing as a search engine and signed up for their rewards program. I save up points for gift cards such as $5 at Amazon. Use that to buy books.

Forums We Have Joined or Check Frequently

  • RVnetwork.com: This is the Escapees RV Club public site.  We might join Escapees in a few years – saving the annual dues for now. (12/4/14)
  • Workamper news: Has a link to their pay site (now free in 2017) to sign up for workamping opportunities. Their regular forums are hardly used.  (11/12/14)
  • RV.net: Everything about  RVs and anything related. Tons of topics posted here. Large web site. (10/1/14)
  • RV-Dreams – Overall has the best content so far. (10/1/14)
  • Cheap RV Living: Good website full of info along with their own forum section. (3/20/15)
  • IRV2.com: I find this site to have the most daily posts. I spend my time in the 5th wheel or fulltime RV section. Too much to be able to read every post in every thread. (6/28/15)
  • The RV Forum: Just started looking at this one. Not a member yet. (1/25/16)
  • Owners Forums:  I’ve saved a link to the owner’s forums for most of the RV manufacturers I’m considering. This is a good way to find out about ongoing mechanical issues, floor plan changes, good dealerships to buy from and more. (2017)

Masonic Campgrounds

I’ve just started my research. I’m a Master Mason, raised at Belton Missouri Lodge #450. The same Lodge President Truman belonged to.

  • National Camping Travelers Inc. Since 1966 our organization has spread, creating chapters all across America with 66 active chapters in 45 states and two in Canada. 

Mobile Work Space (because I am taking a part-time job with me on the road)

  • Technomadia has a bunch of links to mobile work spaces layouts.

Blogs or Sites with a Lot of Planning Information (Go here if you are not full-timing yet)

  • Camper Chronicles:  Planning stages are listed under there own pages!  (11/18/14)
  • Your Fulltime RV Living: Appears to focus on planning aspects (11/30/14)
  • Fulltime.spantz.com: Also going through long term planning stages for fulltime Rving. (10/1/14)
  • Merikay’s Dream: Go to the beginning of their blog for good planning stuff. (12/14/14)
  • On the Road of Retirement: Lots of planning posts early years of blog (12/22/14)
  • Changing Gears: Has a easy menu to following taking you to everything you want to know about an RV. (10/1/16)
  • Hebards Travels: So may posts about not only the planning but execution such as storage in an RV, traveling with a cat and more. An added bonus is all the nice YouTube video. (3/22/17)
  • Changin Gears: This is a link to their check list page. All kinds of things can be learned from reading someone check list (8/21/17)
  • Living the RV Dream: Perhaps one of the best all around web sites for everything RV. Also, these folks are experts on insurance and warranties. (9/9/17) 

Religion While on the Road

  • Dr. Charles Stanely: Been watching him on TV and my big sister referred me to the web site. (11/22/15)
  • Billy Graham: Is a saint in my book. I really like the section at the web site where you can ask him a question. (11/22/15)
  • James MacDonald: Karen’s suggestion. He has a lot of messages recorded on the radio that should require less bandwidth. (11/22/15)

Blogs or Websites of Interest

  • Investing for a Living: Written by  a fulltime RVer. Some of the posts are rather technical. (10/8/14)
  • Technomadia.com: Electronics and other general RV stuff, sure you have heard of them by now. Check them out on YouTube also. (9/1/14)
  • Roads Less Traveled: Lots to read here. Also good links to other blogs (11/20/14)
  • Living Our Dream: After 10 years with a motorhome they switched to a DRV Tradition 5th Wheel. They have all their travels listed by state in great detail. They have also detailed many self improvements they did with their trailer.  (12/17/15).
  • RV Love: Post on Thousand Trails membership (1/6/16)
  • Another informative post on campsite memberships. (1/9/16)
  • Changing Gears: A ton of information about the lifestyle. Lots of checklists (3/16/16)
  • RV Tip of the Day: Website for author of Best RV Tips. (3/27/16)

RV Construction  (Added this as a topic because construction is so important for full-time rigs and reference material has been hard to find.)

  • theRVDoctor – Sent an email over to Gary asking for good resources to study up on RV construction methods. I’d like to be better prepared to compare methods that will hold up for full-timing and which methods are worth the price.  I’d think studying now would also be a good way to follow construction trends later. (12/18/14)
  • RV.Net – I posted a topic in the forum and hope I don’t get a bunch of “go on a factory tour” answers. (12/18/14)
  • YourFullTimeRVLiving: I left a response to a blog topic with Howard asking for reference material.  He is an RV Inspector so he should know what the most important construction concerns might be. (12/18/14)
  • Dale and Mark Bruss blog is a place I intend to spend time while researching. I found their info regarding tires to be the best. (11/19/15)
  • Love Your RV:  A favorite of mine. Lots of information which is easy to read. Written by a full-timer. Better than buying a book! (8/31/17)

Blogging Tips and Research

  • Geeks on Tour.com: They tour the country in a motorhome and present technology seminars to other travelers along the way.  (12/5/14)
  • EpgSoft: What I use to make a map found on my right sidebar. (8/24/15)
  • BookWright: Not a blogging tool but a cool software for book writing formats. Found it on a Camping Cornicles blog. (3/7/17)

Other Internet Sites 

  • Rvillage.com:  A great way to stay in touch with other RVers and see who might be camping in the same place.  You really have go to the site to see all they offer. Members are very helpful people here! (12/14/14)
  • WatsonWander: This is a very well done website.  Tim designs website. (12/1/14)
  • RV Lifestyle Experts: Wealth of information on various topics (12/2/14)
  • Living in a Tin Can: Good articles. Here is one about gas vs diesel (12/21/14)
  • RV Pro Magazine:  Intended for those working in the industry.  Lots of articles to read. (12/28/14)
  • RV Driving School.com: Map all over USA where you can find instruction (1/20/15)
  • USA Campgrounds.infoDetailed listing of over 13,000 public camp grounds (2/22/15)
  • Early Retirement.org: A forum about early retirement. (3/18/15)
  • Firecalc: Really cool financial calculator where you can test to see if you take X amount out of a retirement portfolio for X years what is the chance it will last. (3/20/15)
  • RV Basics: Lots of articles (4/4/15)
  • HitchUpandGo: Links for all things related to RVing plus links to blogs . (6/17/15)
  • Hithitch.com: This will keep you busy for a while. Lots of links to blogs (12/7/14)
  • Changin Gears: A ton of RV related information – Very well organized (7/15/15)
  • Mint.com: Budget tracking and paying bills. Owned by Intuit who are the makers of QuickBooks, Turbo Tax and Quicken.  (7/19/15)
  • Campground Membership Outlet: Matches sellers with buyers for campground memberships such as upgraded Thousand Trails plans. (1/7/15)
  • DoityourselfRV: Chucked full of articles about RVing.  Lots of reading here! (8/10/16)
  • Link to a bunch of check lists: Found this in an owners forum. Awesome checks lists. (5/7/17)

Helpful People  (People I’ve been meeting online and otherwise while planning.)

  • Linda from the Escapees Forum – The Sand Castle – She responded to a post of mine and had some very detailed information about using a spreadsheet while planning. I could tell she is a planner. She is watching my blog as of today. Appears to have extensive experience in a Class B. (11/12/14)

Kirk & Pam's RV Adventure Kirk from the Escapees Forum.  I’m very interested in how he volunteered in order to reduce travel costs and he has moved to his exit plan from the road. I emailed Kirk and he responded back. (11/12/14)

  • Dee Walter is a gold mine of information.  Their blog is Tumbleweed. She appears to be a regular in the RV Dreams Room.  She has been answering all my questions, regardless of how basic they are. She and Jim travel in a 5th wheel. Thank you! (3/23/15)
  • Bill Napier, also from the RV Dreams Forum, is someone I’m planning to ask a lot of questions, especially regarding a truck purchase. I sent him a private message. He got right back to me and offered to help me along during planning. Wow…  Thank you Bill. He is recommending starting off with a heavier trailer and suggests with the right equipped truck the usual dually can handle 19k to 20k gross weights. He also suggests a trailer in the 37-38′ range. (12/14/15)