I’ll include videos that also do a good job of describing construction methods for a particular trailer. Older video still helped me learn about construction methods. I may throw in a few videos with factory representatives explaining their product.

  • Cedar Creek: (2014) by Forrest River
  • Landmark Model 365 by Heartland: (2015) – Really nice list of fixtures and notes. Not a factory tour but host does a great job.
  • Montana by Keystone: (2009)
  • Newmar: (2014) It’s a motorhome but helps learn about methods.
  • Open Range (Called Highland Ridge in 2015): (2016) video
  • DRV: (2015)  Several videos from their website.

Advice I’ve read about that makes since:

  • And there is oftentimes a “special build” list that most dealers don’t even know about. That’s why I think it’s important to take a factory tour and have the rep there sit down and put together a MSRP. Take that MSRP and email it to several dealers to get the best price, comparing apples-to-apples. If you buy from a dealer close to the manufacturer and you travel to that dealer to pick up your RV, you can not only save on transport fees, but you can save a lot of time, as well. There is always a shortage of transport drivers which means delays in long distance delivery.
  • Keep in mind that this is the time of year when manufacturers are closing out the 2016 models in preparation for the 2016.5 models. What does that mean? SOME manufacturers are simply finishing up the final 2016 models and, consequently, not a lot goes on until they “retool” for the new floor plans. Just be aware of that. Might be good to ask where production stands when you call to schedule your tour.

2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Wow, watched one video on the construction of a trailer and was surprised how rushed they seem to be. With all the manufacturers of trailers you wouldn’t think there would be such a rush to get them out. Looks like they just glue the sidewalls to the aluminum studs now? Interesting.


    • Noticed the same thing in all the construction videos. Wonder how the workers are paid. By the piece or what?

      I’ve been trying to study up on hung construction vs laminated walls. DRV and Forest River Cedar Creek are using hung walls where they are glued. Lots to learn.


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