Microsoft Windows 10 and Dogs

I’ve been a little busy playing with the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.  I’ve downloaded the technical preview.  The new system has not gone to beta testing yet and some are saying it will be this summer before the final product is available to the public. So far, Microsoft is saying we will be able to upgrade from Windows 7, 8 (8.1) or other versions for free! As long as we upgrade the first year that is.

I’ve always been a big Microsoft fan. I owned one of the first personal computers that ever came out. Within years others were building them. What was different with Microsoft back then, compared to Apple, was Microsoft creating software that would run on other brands of computers. Apple, on the other hand, was proprietary software and their systems were, and remain, expensive.  I understand why some folks run Apple equipment however, it’s just not for me.

If you are running an older version of Windows you are going to want to upgrade to version 10 once the final version is released. At least if you are currently running version 8. For users of version 7 and older, there will be a learning curve, but a lot less than it would have been if you went from 7 to 8. I’ll not spend much time writing about Windows 10.  It’s important to note 1.5 billion devises run Windows. And now, developers of applications are going to be able to write an app that runs on Windows phones, tablets and desktops!

If you have questions just post them in the comments section.

Windows 10

Windows 10

I’ve also been looking into the most recent announcement that Microsoft is releasing the next version of the Surface Tablet. I’ve owned one of every Surface they have released. Right now I’m typing this on the wonderful Surface Pro 3. This model was built to replace a laptop.  And it does!  The Surface 3 (non-pro) is the next release. Check it out if you are into Microsoft products. Post any questions you have about the product in comments and I’ll try and answer them.

Surface Pro 3

Okay – what does this have to do with dogs?  No, this was not an attempt to get you to read the entire blog post, looking for information about dogs!  Karen is actually working on a blog post involving her research on dog breeds for RV travel.  Right now we have two Cocker Spaniels. They will be going with us if they are still around by the time we retire.  Karen has been thinking about what model/release/version – or breed of dog she might later own. She will post her ideas on dogs soon.

Nope, I don’t work for Microsoft any more than Karen sells Cocker Spaniels.  But we do own a spare cat you can have!

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 10 and Dogs

  1. When our last dog passed away we thought we’d be dog free when we hit the road. Emotions change and so we recently rescued a small terrier/mini schnauzer mix. He’s a lot of fun. I hope you find a great dog for your adventures on the road!


    • Not sure if the current two dogs we have will be around by retirement, but if so they are coming with us (Cocker Spaniels). Karen is doing a bunch of research on breads that would work well on the road – just in case. Schnauzers are awesome dogs. A friend of mine had one. I could see having a mix with a smaller terrier would work well.


  2. Love the last sentence! We’ll likely be taking two of our three cats with us when we head out. So I guess we have an extra cat too!


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