Chairs and Sofa

Not so sure how to test for durability, but sitting in chairs and on sofas (when allowed) at the RV show sure reviles if they are comfortable. Love the electric duel recliners but wonder if that will decrease durability. I’m focused on components found in full profile, luxury units.


  • Sat is a few at RV shows and came up with a typical brand list.
    • La-Z-Boy rules. These are in the Cedar Creeks
    • Waveland furniture in the Heartland Landmark is great.
    • Franklin is used in the DRV and I like it.
    • Thomas Payne is a Lippert product and is typically found in trailers such as the Keystone Montana and Heartland Bighorn. The furniture improved in 2016, before that I did not like it.  This is the brand I least most enjoy.
    • Lambright is the go to furniture for upgrades. So far, on Augusta RV offers it as an option. Forum posts all brag this is the brand if you are upgrading.
  • The big pillow like backs on some of the leather furniture was terrible to sit in. This was more prevalent in trailers we looked at prior to 2016.
  • Those electric recliners are awesome and becoming more popular. I can take or leave it.
  • I could see a use for the heated recliners. I owned a massage recliner once and it was of marginal use.

Regarding the dinette chairs. At first I wanted the two extra folding chairs to be high-back and sturdy as the two that do not fold. After reading a lot of blogs and talking to folks I’m now leaning towards having two folding chairs that collapse to the smallest footprint possible. Because they will most likely be in storage under the bed more than used.


See the above brands of chairs that match the sofa. After three years of research I would say Waveland and Franklin are the best, followed by La-Z-Boy and finally the Thomas Payne stuff. Lambright is not usually factory installed.

Karen wants a couple small shelves or tables next to the sofa. Unless the trailer is a wide body, that will cut into the sofa length. She also wants usb/electrical charging ports next to it.  We seldom lay on the sofa to takes naps, well somethings she does. I would prefer at least one electrical outlet (you can get usb charging port adaptors) and then a small coffee table that maybe converts into a computer stand or place to set food and books.

I prefer a conventional mattress rather than an air bed in the sofa because it seems like over time all the air mattresses loose air overnight. And we would not be able to control the quality of the air mattress they put in the rig at the factory. It might be possible to improve the conventional mattress by adding a topper.

We would actually prefer a cloth sofa and leather chairs. But with dogs Karen would likely just be adding a separate cover anyway.