2016 Decisions – Done

  • Consider a blog post outlining sights to see in Kansas City and area RV parks as information to fulltimers.   In 2015 we started touring local RV parks as a way to find a long-term spot when visiting family. Starting posting about local attractions under blog titles beginning with Life in Kansas City.
  • Study up on RV construction methods.  I’d like to know what methods holdup to full-timing and which ones are worth the money.  Then I would be better qualified to follow important construction trends that could influence our future buying decision.  At the end of 2014 I started asking others for ideas and got the sense we may have to come up with our own list.  It put a section for this under our page of planning resources. This is an on-going task and may slow down after we finally buy a trailer and truck. Then I’ll be spending more time on what gadgets are best.
  • Sell one of the three carsWe decided on doing that last winter. Sold the old truck but still have both the other cars. We may trade-in both cars on our one ton truck or trade one and keep the other. Karen got a part-time job so that changed our vehicle needs for now.
  • Attend 2016 RV show – move to other years also.  Decided on a few details regarding floor plan. Looking in the max range of 37-38′, rear living room, washer/dryer not in main closet. Still undecided on if we want a walk-through or side bathroom.  Joined Good Sam Club to save on ticket prices.
  • Redesign the fifth wheel manufactures page to list each company we are considering buying from.  I’m also keeping a spreadsheet and word document for notes. Added page for trailer ratings.
  • Finish up the Who are We Page. Figure we might develop more relationships if people know us and that could lead to more input on our decisions. Karen’s bio is brief for now. She’s not in to blogging like I am.
  • Home Improvement: Tear off part of shed with roof leak before mold takes over. Update  – Already removed the damaged sheds and found out the others need repair. I’m not checking this off until everything is done, that way I’m less likely to procrastinate. Done and also found siding on good shed that needed replaced.
  • Network with full-timers and others planning to go fulltime. Technically this task is done. Forums, meeting in person, chat room, reading blogs from start to finish, bumping into them at camp sites and rest stops. Can’t wait to attend our first rally which we might do the year before we get a trailer. Would be nice to go fulltime in the same year as others attending the rally are leaving. That way we could follow blogs and experiences of those in our “class”.
  • Refigure our retirement plan based on 2019 rather than 2023. Called the “hybrid plan. Saving to retire early!
  • Begin selling off stuff by learning how to sell on Ebay and start a routine of listing on Craig’s List. Got a dumpster this year. Concentrating on selling off big items, especially if they require maintenance or insurance expense. Right now getting rid of stuff that has monthly costs such as for insurance. Sold a boat, truck and getting motorcycle ready to go. Karen is researching Ebay sales and I’m using Craig’s list.
  • Home Improvement: Start replacing kitchen appliances. Got the fridge and microwave done. Next is the dishwasher and stove. That way Karen can use the nicer kitchen for a couple years before we sell the house.

This year I did not get as far on my goals as I would have liked, predominantly regarding home improvement stuff.  Moved it to 2017. This is a benefit of taking five years to plan.

This year is closed to updating!

2 thoughts on “2016 Decisions – Done

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