Transition from Home to RV Life

Will be using this page to park notes/ideas about transitioning from a sticks and bricks house to an RV. Eventually I’ll draft a blog post as a summary.

Here is a link to my first blog post on the subject.

  • Good forum thread on when is it the best time to buy an RV.
  • Options for making the transition from a sticks and bricks into a fifth wheel.
    1. Sell house early and move to rental. (Nope, we want to enjoy house while we have it.)
    2. House paid off two years before retirement so get an equity loan to buy rig a little early.
    3. Sell house and try and find a trailer quickly, already having bought a truck. (nope, why would be create hassle when we could buy the trailer before the house sells)
    4. Pay off house, buy trailer, sell house and live in the trailer while still working.
    5. Buy truck, get a long term loan on trailer at reduced payment amount, then pay it off when house sells.
    6. Might have to have more than one option in case house sells right away.
    7. Do we keep the house or sell and rent.  (selling)
    8. Buy a lessor RV earlier to travel in while not retired. Hit the road in the same trailer and up grade later (Nope – does not make financial sense)
    9. Buy a trailer early, park it on a yearly lot. Maybe even have it moved there if we don’t have a truck. Vacation out of it for a year. (Nope – does not make financial sense nor here in 2017 I would not have time to use it much.)
    10. I sold a small business in 2014 but still do the office work which requires on average 10 hours a week. I sold it to a key employee who tells me I should keep the job while on the road.   So now I’m thinking about how to fit this into the plan, what I would do for very minimal work space, connectivity and more. (This is a done deal. Avoids taking anything out of IRA’s).
    11. By the RV early and stick it on a seasonal lot rather than in storage. I read in a blog where a couple did just this. They ended up spending more time in the RV than their house which they decided to sell. In this case, the blogger had a part time job where he had the equivalent of half a year of vacation. They would take a few weeks off every now and then to travel. Returning home to his job which happened to be the same employer he had been a full time employee for. This is a very interesting idea and I’m looking into it. Although it is likely the seasonal spot I might select would be up to an hour and a half way from our current sticks and bricks home. (Researching)
  • The old pros and cons of selecting a truck before you select the trailer. Personally, I’m thinking I will be able to at least select the weight class of trailer and buy a truck to match. 16,000 or 19,000 pounds is the same weight regardless of trailer. And I already know we are going with a dually for pin weight should not be a concern.