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In addition to the blogs listed below, I save a few to my favorites list and go back every now and then for a look. Typically these will be blogs of special interest such as workcampers, folks having issues with their rig or maybe someone who is more forward about the issues associated with full time RV living. Saving a few to the favorites list on my browser enables me to read several months of information without having received a lot of emails compared to blogs I subscribe to. I tend to follow blogs of those traveling in big rigs because we expect to purchase one. This is helping me learn about big rig friendly camping spots.

Camper Chronicles:  (1/18/15) Planning stages are listed under organized pages – nice!  Living fulltime in a fifth wheel. Another one of my favorite blogs (not that any of the others I follow are any less informative and enjoyable!  Click Here for a great post with links to what others in their 2014 fulltime class are doing.  In 2015 she left her fulltime job (that allowed her to work while on the road) and started a consulting business for project management. They workcamp. This is a great blog to follow in many ways, to include the emotional stuff. He went to an RV tech school in Florida and also does videos and editing services. Not sure where they are from. Good blog to follow if you are wanting to know how to earn a living on the road.

In 2019 Tracy became employed at a corporation with a full time job. At the time they kept their rig and apparently the job can be mobile.

exploRVistas. com:  (12/26/14) Attracted to site as they are planners. Diana and Jim  travel in a Colorado fifth wheel pulled by a single rear wheel Ford truck. They are from Michigan and started off workcamping.  Here in 2016 Jim is a frequent forum poster and is open to questions. Karen and I talk about their blog posts which included a lot about Michigan where Karen was born and went to college. (Update late 2019) they found some land to build on in Michigan near Leelanau which is an area they came to love during travels.  They are building a new homestead in phases and will continue to fulltime, wintering in Florida. Looks like the first thing they are building is a garage and installing some utilities.

Kirk and Pam’s RV Adventure: (11/12/14) (Blog no longer updated) Kirk is as helpful as they come.  Ten years of volunteer positions! They executed their exit strategy and now live in a unique sticks and bricks in Texas.  They still travel in their smaller travel trailer. You can find him on the Escapees Forum. His blog is no longer updated but has a ton of information on it.

Live Laugh RV:  (11/14/14) I appreciate the comments Ingrid (and others) leave on our blog. There is a lot to learn from their blog. They categorize travel topics by state. One of my favorite blogs. They travel in a 32′ Keystone Laredo fifth wheel. Good site to visit if you are considering a shorter unit that does not require a one ton truck. They are from Colorado. Ingrid takes some amazing photos. (Update 2/18/20) – They rent a yearly spot in Phoenix area and travel from there at times.

On the Move:  (12/26/14) (On 12/18/19 they posted their last blog as retirement was too much fun and they found themselves not wanting to blog.) Full-timing in a truck camper for now.  From their web site: Caite is originally from Michigan and has lived in several states and Glenn is a Florida boy.  Believe they left from Texas. Theirs is a Lance camper which is like the gold standard for truck campers. I’ve read where others bought a truck camper to go with their fifth wheel and use it as a “vacation” home. Another bought one for less than what it was worth to take a trip to Alaska and plan to maybe sell it when they return to their fifth wheel. As of March 2017 they replaced their truck camper with another and slowed down on blogging.

RV Life is Good (12/29/14) (Blog no longer updated) Kenny and Angela are a couple from the Kansas City area traveling in a fifth wheel. I noticed as of 3/1/15 they may not be posting on their bog anyone.  They are now posting on Facebook. We met up when they were staying at a local county park in Smithville, MOWe have met them in person.

Wheelingit: (1/3/15) Great site for general content. As of 2014 Nina is researching the healthcare topic. They travel in a class A motor home and seem to concentrate on boondocking. (12/6/14) Investing for a Living: Paul is Nina’s (Wheelingit) better half.  Well written investment articles that are to technical for this business major. They are from San Diego, CA. (Update January 2018) they announced the moved to Europe to be closer to Nina’s family. They intend to RV at least part-time.

On the Road Adobe: (2/15/15) Trading a zip code for a toad: Bill and Jodee just started out fulltime in a diesel pusher in 2015.  Their blog is a fun read.  You can go back to the beginning and view their 24 months of preparations. Includes living in an apartment after they sold their home and Bill was still working. They are from Santa Clarita, CA

Tumbleweed Blog: (4/2/15) (Came off the road in 2016) Jim and Dee traveled in a larger 5th wheel. He is retired Air Force so they stayed on military base parks a lot.  Dee is very active and helpful in the RV Dreams chat room. They had been considering purchasing a park model (in Florida) and traveling part-time in a class c.  In October 2015 Dee told me they are moving off the road soon and will be selling their rig. They are from Raleigh, NC. and frequently visited her sister in St. Louis, MO.  On 12/21/15 they announced they are buying a mobile home in Florida on a lake. After 6 years on the road they are hanging it up and moving to Lake Juliana which is a 55 and older community.

RV Dreams Journal: (10/1/14) You all should know Howard and Linda.  They travel in a large fifth wheel. Their web site is one of the go to places to learn about living the dream. They are from Louisville, KY. They purchased a house in Florida which they rent out and remain on the road.  It will be interesting to see should they transition to part time traveling. Because the couple are the go-to people for full time RV living education. In 2018 they bought a Class C and sold off the fifth wheel. Update 1/19/20 – They are coming off the road fulltime and bought a home in the Villages in central Florida. They had sold their fifth wheel and bought a Class C, spending the last big trip in Alaska. They are going to rent their home in the RV Village January through March to travel. The rental rates for the winter session are so good they anticipate being able to cover their home utilities, taxes and homeowners association fees for the year.  Linda started a new business helping other organize their homes and decorate. They spent 15 years as full-timers.

Wandering With Us: (4/27/15) Shannon and Mariel retired to a class A in 2017 after selling their house.  Shannon followed our blog so I went to check theirs out. Appears Karen and I have a lot in common with them and hope to learn from their posts as they plan their future in an RV. They are from Santa Fe, NM.

Puppy Paths: (2/30/16) (Came off the road in 2016) As of 2015 Steve and his wife Evin have been fulltime four years. They travel in a large motor home but had a couple of fifth wheels before that.  Met him on the RV Dreams forums where he left me a message offering to answer any questions I had.  That night we talked on the phone for two hours.  As I recall he is from New Jersey. In January of 2016 they have decided to come off the road.  They had been staying at a friends lake house. Talked to Steve on the phone and he is rebuilding the same home they sold before going full time in their 5th wheel which they eventually replaced with a Tiffin motor home.

On the Road of/to Retirement:  (10/1/15) What attracted me to this blog was the writer is an over-thinker just like me. Definitely worth reading from start to finish. It’s as if I’m reading about my own journey to retirement.  Sharon and John travel in a motor home. They retired from Austin, Texas.  We have met them in person.

Living Our Dreams:  (12/27/15) An amazing blog full of information sorted by state. Definitely a place to stop when researching an RV trip. I read this blog start to finish as the reading was interesting and laced with history lessons. Paul and Margery Zeller traveled for years in a 38′ motorhome and then bought a DRV Traditions Fifth Wheel once they slowed down. They retired from Pittsburg, PA. Here in 2018 they bought a permanent spot and are going to a park model. Both are still very active and Paul keeps his blog updated. (12/27/15)

Destination Unknown: (1/1/16) Russ and Kay come from New Hampshire.  They plan to go fulltime in their newly purchased 31′ travel trailer in October of 2016. They are living stationary until then. I intended to limit the blogs I follow to larger 5th wheels so I could learn about camping spots and all other things about 5th wheels. However, it will be nice to know someone from the Northeast who I can bounce travel plans off. Sure plan to learn from them as they move into fulltiming. We have met them in person – twice!

This Moment in Time: (5/8/16) (stopped posting in 2016 with no word what they are up to.) Originally from Texas,  Craig and Jo  travel in a Lifestyles 5th Wheel. Another couple from the class of 2014. I was attracted to their blog because others were saying Jo is a big time planner (we also share the same birthday). She worked in an office until retirement and he was a firefighter. Theirs is an amazing story in that the first Lifestyle trailer had a major frame failure. They lived in a motel for seven months while a new rig was built.  Lifestyle changed their frame design in 2016 when I understand they were reducing the over-all weight of the trailer. They stopped posting in 2016 and have no idea what they are up to.

Home Sweet Home on Wheels:  (5/25/16) I had bookmarked this blog and checked back frequently to see what Allen and Rachel were up to. Found myself looking forward to their new blog posts so decided it was best to follow their blog. They travel in a newer Grand Design toy hauler. Rachel is very candid about issues while traveling full time. They do a lot of upgrades to their rig to include interior design. Allen travels with his job, climbing big broadcast towers, so they tend to be parked in one spot while he works. The company he works for is based out of Texas. Detailed reviews of RV spots sorted by state and much more are listed on their site as well.

Travels with Bentley: (7/10/16) Cheri and Dean are part-timers who live in southern Kansas, about four hours from our own home. Thiers was only the third blog I had read where I knew the towns they were describing around their home so I hope to learn a lot of new camping areas for potential times when we take short trips before going full time. Cheri posted over on my blog which is what drew my attention to their site. The travel in a 2014 Heartland Big Horn which one of the most purchased trailers. We are meeting at a local campground in July 2016. In 2017 they sold their home and went full time! Dean and Cheri have become our dear RV friends.  In 2019 we camped near them during and Escapee chapter rally.  SO good to learn from those that have gone before you. We can talk to them about most anything. The emotional side of going full time can be a private issue. Good to have someone to talk to. We have met them in person – more than once.

bkamericanodyssey: (11/6/16) Yet another from the class of 2014. Bill and Kelly are from Pennsylvania and travel in a Heartland Landmark 365 pulled by a Ford F350 one ton. I’d been reading their blog for the past year, having saved it to my favorites. Kelly started following my blog so I clicked over to hers and read their introduction. Really liked their fiver selection and truck to include the way they went about getting it. Figure we may have something in common. Really appreciate Kelly taking time to explain what they are learning as a way of teaching us future-timers. We met Bill in person, Kelly was out of town at the time.

Down the Road: (10/12/14) I had actually been reading Debbie and Steve’s blog for about two years, having saved it in my favorites list. They travel in a 40′ Keystone Montana fiver pulled by a Dodge Ram dually. Debbie is a very helpful person and follows tons of blogs herself. They are pros at full timing. They started their journey in 2013 while living in California. We have met them in person.

Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: (3/18/17) I have been following their blog for sometime and forgot to add it to this page. They travel in a larger Forest River Cardinal fifth wheel which is a well built, heavier rig. They really save on camping fees by boondocking and have been on the road since March of 2014 after leaving Wisconsin. (Update 2017) they bought land in South Dakota and made a last trip to Quartzite where they sold their fifth wheel. They kept the truck for their truck camper.

Hebard’s Travels: (4/27/17) Younger couple from the Kansas City area. John studied to be a cop and was raised in Washington State. Laura, raised in KC, worked in a veterinary clinic which is Karen’s dream job. They travel in a 40′ Cedar Creek fifth wheel. Their blog is laced with YouTube videos as well. They include a lot of information about life living on the road. I started reading their blog months ago. I’ve started saving links to blog I’m reading and then if I find myself constantly going back to see what the writer is up to, then I follow the blog.

Random Bits of Trial and Error: (10/1/17) Dawn and Mike travel fulltime in a class A diesel pusher, having hit the road in January of 2017. As I recall they are from Jacksonville Florida and visit their daughter in Springfield Missouri from time to time. Found they visit Missouri after she commented on my blog. Mike works fulltime doing something with cellular connectivity the best I can tell so far. He spent 20 years in the Navy doing technical stuff. Dawn retired from the medical industry. There YouTube channel is RandomBitsRV.

Keeping up with the Joneses: (12/20/19) Jerry and wife are from Auston Texas and travel fulltime in a wonderful Luxe fifth wheel made by the RV Factory. He has been a helpful reader of my blog and his own blog is well organized. I hope for tips and certainly travel stops taken from his blog. Both are retired.

I need to add Wandering Camels (2019) to the list

I need to add Chapter 3 Travels-  (2/17/20) Wonderfully written blog. I read a post on 2/16/20 forwarded in another blog and was impressed with the insight and candor regarding what it is like on the road. This is a younger couple traveling in a motorhome.

Shifting Gears (Ktmissouri.blogspot) – 5/14/20) Shawn and wife are from Missouri east of Springfield and travel in a boat and RV. He worked in the corporate world and decided to take some time off. We had been linked as friends on RVillage for some time before I finally clicked to subscribe to his blog. (We have met in person) – 8/3/21 Scott and wife travel in a Vilano. Not sure yet where they are from originally and it looks like they have the same model as we do.  

10 thoughts on “Blogs Mark Follow’s

  1. Hi Mark and Karen. Just perusing your site. The Dear Wife and I follow the Escapees Discussion Forum for ideas and information. Plans are to leave the Sticks and Bricks in 2019.
    John and Anita


      • Mark, I like your planning to hit the target. DW and I are haphazardly working with a timeline that currently ends with a retirement date. It includes scheduled events and activities such as birthdays, holidays for family visits, etc.. The timeline also incorporates what projects have to entertained to allow leaving the house and changing domicile. We began following Dave Ramsey’s system for the financials and it’s working. An exciting event for us will be attending a full timer’s rally in Kansas. Looking to learn more from veteran full timers. My 2 cents.


      • We are waiting until we closer to retirement to make a few major decisions that will effect the actual day we pull out. Such as do we wait to list the house or sell earlier and rent or live in the fifth wheel.

        Congratulations on the Dave Ramsey’s plan!

        You perked my interest when I read in your post about a full timer’s rally in Kansas. We are looking to attend a rally/seminar somewhere closer to Kansas City. I’ll have to look that one up.


  2. Thanks, yes the Ramsey plan really insured our course direction. The rally we are headed for is the 2015 HDT (heavy duty truck) rally in Hutchison. As far as actual date to pull out fulltime I have to wait another year for DW to retire from school. But as I said about the timeline we’re planning to sell and move to smaller housing.
    Hope our paths cross sometime. Take care.


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