2017 Decisions – Done

  • Firm up retirement date: I’ll be 55 next year in August and I’ll have two smaller pensions.  Karen can take early social security. I could tell back in 2014 it was going to be hard to wait for 59 to retire. By chance, this objective may be in the works as I started a savings plan to save extra to leave early. This is done. I’ll retire no later than October 31, 2019. Unless there are major health issues that require I keep a job (gulp) for the health insurance. Here is a post explaining the decision.
  • Attend the 2017 RV Show: Finalized the floor plan we are wanting which is a rear living room. We are leaning towards a rear living room at around 38′ with access to bathroom, bedroom and fridge without having the slides out. Karen and I both like the super slide bedrooms where the stairs are on the off door side. Problem is in most models the bathroom and bedroom are blocked unless you put a slide out.
  • Consider replacing kitchen appliances: For resale, kitchens and bath upgrades are good. Our appliances were 14 years old and look like it. In 2015 Karen wanted to wait until we are closer to selling. Fridge went out in 2016 so replaced it, microwave and dishwasher. In April we finished replacing the appliances by adding a stove. Karen will have a couple years of using her new convection model which is loves…
  • Consider buying permanent truck and starter fifth wheel:  Decided not to. We don’t have time to use the trailer. Buying the year before retirement instead. That way we can get to know the rig, have issues fixed by local dealer and use up some vacation time while taking shorter trips.
  • Consider attending an RV rally/seminar – I researched all the ones I could find and decided to move it to next year when we might be closer to purchasing a trailer. The RV-Dream Rally looks good and at a fair price. Need to book early before cabins are all taken. Another option, for those that have an RV is to attend owner’s rallies.
  • Home Improvement: Consider if adding paving stone under sunroom and around fire pit should come before adding screened room – then schedule appropriately. Maybe screen in the room with 2×6 lumber and framed in screens. No time for this and will not really add value to house.
  • check-mark-md (2)Get serious about online sales: I’ve been using Craig’s list. We need to learn to sell on Ebay. A cousin does it and sticks with items that can ship only in the US Post Office boxes that have a fixed shipping rate. The boxes are free. Karen also has been researching local Facebook sites where people sell stuff. We are strongly leaning towards a final estate sale that we setup ourselves.  Till then, just doing small sales online and maybe a garage sale or thrift shop with rental booth.
  • Fifth Wheel Selection: Come up with our top 6 after reviewing the 2018 models. Done.
  • America the Beautiful Pass: Karen will be 62 in August. $80 for a lifetime to national parks which includes one visitor. We will just get it at our first stop which will most likely be a local Corp. of Engineer RV park in Smithville Missouri.
  • check-mark-md (2)Consider going to a .com for blog and include Amazon affiliate program or other income sources. Although this is not the goal of the blog.  – Not doing it at this time because I don’t want to pay the annual fee because I’m not using the blog to earn money. I don’t enjoy blogging enough to turn it into a paying gig or I would have also started producing videos. I may be creating a new blog for our travels once we hit the road. I even have a bog name in mind!  I’ll just point people back to this blog if they are researching getting ready for fulltiming.
  • Start truck research:  We are thinking about buying a truck before the RV. I started research as of March 2017. We expect to buy a 2017, 2018 or maybe a 2019 model.
  • Decide if Karen takes her social security at age 62.  We decided to do this as she retired two years ago. I may write a blog post later. My social security at age 62 is larger than hers at 65 years of age. We decided should I die before her she can use my larger amount. Was a no brainer.  Once I hit 62 we will decide on mine at the time based on if we need the money. Every year you delay is an extra 7%. It’s not that we technically “need the money now” which is maybe the best reason to take it early. But – We are using it to help save for our future in an RV.
  • Budgeting: Review financial plan and firm up Rving expense budget by line item. Just to make sure we will not be withdrawing from retirement savings (I’m keeping a current part-time office job).
  • Mobile Office: Come up with a list of things to start working on now and in the next two years.

I was not happy with having not gotten more home improvement/repairs done this year. Had to move them into 2018. I’ve decided to take a couple vacation days and get done what is most on my mind. Karen wants to hire someone to do some of it because I’m busy at work.

This year is closed to updating!

3 thoughts on “2017 Decisions – Done

  1. We lost two trees this year. Emerald ash borer got one, the other… Bradford pear to wind damage. I’d advise against Bradford pear, branches weaken main stem. On the flip side they grow quickly, so for curb appeal for resale purposes… they may help sell your home. Perhaps you community or town has a 50/50 program for tree planting. could help defray your expense for a new tree.

    Your planning is similar to ours, we really should put it print like you. It would help motivate us. Progress has suddenly stalled owing to Cindi returning to FT work (yea!!!). As it is, we keep plugging away. My current activity… cleaning off 15 years of grime from our cedar fence is very time consuming and is taking a toll on our powerwasher. (please, please make it, about 70′ to go, fingers crossed. Contractor hired to repair front porch. This fall, new hardwood floors on main level.

    Our RV and TV are pretty much firmed up subject to what becomes available in the next model year or two. come on 2019.

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