In 2017 the Ford Lariat is my favorite truck within the group of one tons that have leather interior options. Chevy/GMC beats them out on horsepower and might climb a very steep hill better. Horse power maintains your speed, in particular on hills, after the torch gets you up to speed. The Ram Laramie is my second favorite. The Laramie Longhorn is outside my budget and I don’t like the interior which is the same reason the Ford King Ranch is off the list.

One quick point about “the best diesel engine” debate.  Look at the warranty – they are all the same for power train! Enough said.

The Ford F series has been the best selling truck for 40 years and there are a lot of one- year old used ones to select from because of it.

Motortrend review of 2017 Ford HD.


2017 Trucks

  • Ford F350/450 Super Duty. XL, XLT,Lariet,King Ranch, Platinum (1/2/16)
  • Major changes in the 2017 Ford Super Duty: Total overhaul of the truck. This video highlights their use of aluminum. Here is another review video. The adaptive steering is interesting where at low or high speeds the required steering wheel turn requirements fluctuate. Camera features for towing are also unique. The last Ford I owned rusted a lot before the engine even showed any problems which was at 250,000 miles. (12/26/16)
  • Only manufacturer of the three who builds their own truck, transmission and engine in-house.

2017 Ford Trucks


2018 Trucks

  • Rumor is Ford is putting a diesel in their 2018 F150.