• Car Gurus: One of my favorite places to search for cars. Has a unique feature where the judge price as high or low compared to other asking prices. Here is an example of a Ford F350 dually. (12/30/15)
  • I’ve just started playing around with this site and it looks like a promising resource. (10/7/17)
  • Dennis Dillon in Boise, ID has some great pricing on Ram (1/25/16)
  • Dave Smith in Kellogg, ID is another volume dealer with a lot of Ram trucks (9/6/17)
  • Midway Ford Truck Center: Believe this is a commercial dealer in Kansas City. I wanted to keep this link to compare pricing against a typical dealership.
  • Autonation: Has 350 locations. The owner of a video series on trucks I watched bought his at autonation in Corpus Christi Florida. He may live in the area (1/15/17)
  • I read a good price to offer on a used truck is the Kelly Blue Book trade in value plus  $1000 dollars. Dealers will want to charge the KBP retail price. Another writer claimed dealerships use the N.A.D.A pricing. He was buying new so to get the real MSRP he used by specing out a truck he wanted.
  • Zeck Ford: Leavenworth Kansas.  Some in Kansas City say Thoroughbred Ford is another good one.
  • Car Buying I’m throwing this on this page because they claim to get you closer to what the dealer is actually paying for the vehicle. (4/8/17):
  • Wow Woody’s: Local MO dealership in Chillicothe who sell from people all around the country. Over 1,000 vehicles for sale. Had a good selection of Rams. (4/9/17)
  • Ken Wilson Ford in North Carolina: A bog reader bought his here and suggested the dealership. Says they keep a lot of trucks for sale. I checked their website and they had a lot of new trucks but very few used. (4/27/17)
  • They sell direct and deliver to you.  Interesting concept and great prices. I intend to further research the company. I googled their phone number which came back to an address of  2615 W Interstate 20, Grand Prairie Texas. Google street views shows it to be a large car lot so I wonder if one can go there and see the vehicles in person. (4/27/17)
  • Auto Nation: Claim to be the largest retailer of cars with 300 locations. Looks at some pricing online and it looked good with $11,000 of MSRP on new trucks. You can get a quote online for your trade in. Reportedly works like CarMax with no haggle pricing. This is where the Big Truck Big RV YouTube guy bought his. (8/10/17)
  • Douglas Dodge in Clinton Ill. per Debbie. Says was an easy process to buy. (12/9/17)