Size and comfort, to include the guest bed in the living room is important. In our sticks and bricks home we have a Sleep Number which was worth the expense. I’ll park a few notes here.  I’m typing this about a year or so before we buy our trailer. I intentionally delayed the research to allow for any mattress technological changes and/or improvements in the space RV builders are allowing for mattresses.


Here is a 2014 post regarding mattresses. This has been a difficult topic to research because most dealership don’t want you sitting on mattresses in new units.  Also, how do you really tell if it’s a good one unless you sleep overnight on it. One thing to look at is the size, as many are 5″ shorter than what in a house. Preferably we would be able to find a unit with a standard size mattress and then decide if we want to relocate one of our current mattresses to the RV. I’m also concerned about adding weight and wonder if just adding a mattress topper, if needed, would work.

  • Standard residential size for a queen is 60×80 when an RV queen is 60×75 and is called a short queen..
  • We currently have an wide/extended queen which is 65×80. This remains a good size for us. Although Karen wants to give a king size a try. Although a narrow king (72×80) might be better than a full king as it’s wider than what we have now. We use a Sleep Number bed in our home and our guest bedroom bed in an innerspring with a pillow top thats very comfortable.
  • A standard residential king size 76×80 when an RV king would be 5 inches shorter.
  • I think I’ll begin research by googling the brands listed in RV’s to see what everyone else is reporting.
  • Beds have been tough to research because comfort is a little subjective. A real queen bed measures 60×80″.  A “short queen” measures 60 x 75″ which is something to watch out for. I may start writing down the bed manufacturers in a few trailers and then research them on line for reviews.

RV Full Bed: This is the same as a double bed. An RV full bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches, while a domestic full mattress is 53 by 75 inches, 1 inch narrower.

RV Queen Bed: A standard queen bed measures 60 by 80 inches. In an RV this size is called a regular queen. RVs also have a three-quarter queen, which is 48 by 75 inches, and a queen short, measuring 60 by 75 inches.

RV King Bed: An RV king has the same 80-inch length as a regular king mattress but is narrower, 72 inches instead of the standard 76.

I need to take time to measure the thickness of our innerspring mattress for comparison.


Just getting started with this. Figure I’ll look up a few RV brands I know at various price points, with the assumption being if they bother to use better seating then so will they with the mattress. I organized these by trailer price point beginning with the least expensive.

  • Heartland Bighorn Traveler 2017 they don’t advertise the brand or sizes.
  • Prime Time Sanibel 2017 advertises foam pillow top but no brand.
  • KZ Durango Gold 2017 web site just says upgraded mattress that are 80″ long but narrower such as a 72″ wide king rather than 76″.
  • Forest River Cedar Creek 2017 advertises as using Serta Winding River – Can’t find any on the internet for sale or reviewed. For their chairs and sofa they use La-Z-Boy which are very comfortable and have a lifetime mechanical warranty.
  • Heartland Bighorn 2017
  • Grand Design Solitude 2017. Web site does not give brand but uses a residential size 80″ long.
  • Keystone Montana 2017 advertising using a 60×80 queen (60×75 is RV) which is an iRelax high density mattress. That’s a Lippert brand and is memory foam. I-Cool is also a Lippert product and is also a memory foam mattress. I believe the Denver mattress might also be a Lippert product.
  • Heartland Landmark 2017 uses pillow top memory foam but no brand advertised.
  • Augusta RV Ambition and Luxe 2017 I-Rest cool gel residential size
  • DRV Mobile Suites 2017 uses an innerspring mattress. Uses residential size meaning 80” long.
  • New Horizons 2017 says they use a residential innerspring with pillow top residential size.

Other Information:

I read if you have a sleep number bed you have to adjust the pressure before going up to high altitudes because it will inflate. Assume the same thing counts for any air bed.

Memory foam replacements can be cut down with an electric knife rather than trying to buy one that is custom sized to the RV bed frame.

If your mattress is too heavy it could hinder raising the bed to get at the storage underneath.