Parking Lot

Here are a few other pages where I’m parking information:

Just a scratch pad for notes here:

  1. Keep adding links to blogs we subscribe to under the new page.
  2. Karen may have hit on something. She asked about blogs where people hated going fulltime.  She read a post out loud from one where we both realized the people just were not prepared such as financially and rig selection. We might be able to learn from them.
  3. Wonder if anyone would read and comment if I started a page on RV Safety and Security/Crime Prevention?
    • Not sure I want to get into that after retirement but would be a good use of skills.
  4. Need to watch a Youtube video for uploading photos to WordPress, concerned about file size and storage in the image directory. Did it.  Need to watch again cause there is a way to insert an album.
  5. Keep an eye out for replies regarding construction links on reference page. There is a link to a blog reply, forum and sent an email to Gary. Might want to make this a blog topic later. It’s in my 2016 decision list.
  6. Review this article on wall construction.)

3 thoughts on “Parking Lot

  1. No problem. I just got done looking at several of the blogs you guys are following also. I’ve not figured everything out yet about blogging with wordpress. The photo stuff is somewhat difficult. Seems like I’m learning a little more every time I go to other wordpress sites. Not sure yet how I’m going to handle listing blogs I follow. Some of them are over on my planning resource page where I decided to list the sites with the most planning details (as that’s the topic of my blog).

    Really nice to find your site and the others that are just getting started.


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