Class C RV Rental

This page are notes and links about our renting a Class C in August of 2015.

(Update January 2016) Received an email from the rental company. If we were to rent and conclude a trip before March prices are 1/2 off.  As we live in Missouri it would be easy to head south for a couple weeks from here.

I’d started off thinking of doing a little research on Class C motorhomes just in case we want to buy one while we wait to retire. Another option would be to buy what will become our permanent truck two years before retirement. The truck would be new and then we would get a used basic fifth wheel, trading it in for our fulltime unit shortly after retirement. We have a lot to consider before making a move. This includes if this changes our budget at retirement and if we think we will use a rig enough to justify the earlier purchase.

(4/15/18) If you are thinking about downsizing to a class C, you might want to start reading the RV Dreams blog at this point. Howard and Linda moved from a 40′ fifth wheel to a 27′ Winnebago Aspect. They also bought a patio home in Florida at the Villages.

Click below for a few blog posts on our rental experience and more!

So will we buy a Class C early? – Nope
Although it was nice having a self contained rig and not having to pull anything, we just could not see limiting ourselves to the lack of space and floor plan that came with it. We know we could get a longer rig but then that puts us in the super Class C range. We know we could have pulled a toad but would not want to hassle with it on short trips to include at gas stations.  I can’t get enough time off from work to take real long trips. I’m leaning more towards buying our one ton truck early and maybe a smaller fifth wheel we can trade in or sell once we find our full time trailer. This would give us a better idea of what we want in a fifth wheel. I’d also rather have the training/practice of pulling/backing a fifth wheel. However, it might be less costly to buy a class C.
Was it worth renting an RV?- Yes
The learning experience was awesome. I included what we learned in a separate post listed above. The vacation time was even better. I hope the daily blog post helps others when making the decision to rent or not.
Will we rent again? No need to unless for vacationing. We would rent during the off season and head south. Rental rates are 1/2 off then.
We are hoping to semi-retire to a fulltime rig in 2019. If we find enough time to take trips we will be going with a one ton truck we plan to keep long term and in a shorter 5th wheel. Or more than likely we will just wait and not spend the money on anything that is temporary. For about the cost of three rental trips we could also find a “beater class C” to own.
Please let me know in your comments if you have questions and I’ll try to answer in short paragraphs.

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