2018 Decisions – Done

  • check-mark-md (2)Continue reviewing connectivity technology trends. I had postbonded this in 2015 because technology changes.  I started making my list of what we might purchase the first year and those are the items I’m planning to study in detail. Will start off with as little as possible. But because I need connectivity for work I’ll probably install at least a cell signal and WIFI booster.
  • check-mark-md (2)Home Improvement: Replace hall bath mirror and possible light fixture. Saving all the inside stuff for winter for the most part. Decided this is minor, too much else to do that has more value, so it’s off the list.
  • check-mark-md (2)Home Improvement: Replace flowering tree in front yard. Wind took it out in April of 2017. May go with something shorter because the views past the tree are incredible.  One has to consider the future growth!  Went with a tall bush.
  • check-mark-md (2)Consider attending an RV rally/seminar  – After much thought – we don’t need to go. I’ll have spent five years planning and really feel I have a handle on the fulltime RV thing. Might to a rally or seminar someday for fun. The RV-Dream Rally looked good and at a fair price. What I like about the RV Dream Rally is you have a chance to meet up with a lot of fulltimers or futuretimers and make friends.
  • check-mark-md (2)Downsizing: A good year to start downsizing more rapidly. If we sell the house in the spring of 2019 we may be living in the trailer! We are planning two garage sales this year. And continue to sell more expensive stuff on Craigslist or Facebook. Might do the Ebay thing. We are still leaning towards a 5×10 storage unit and I’ll most likely write a blog post on that later.
  • check-mark-md (2)Attend a larger RV Show:  We need to get out of the Kansas City area to see more units. Actually, there are only two brands that we might be interested in that are not usually at the local show or sold at area dealerships. I don’t see any point in traveling to a larger show. Factory tours would be a better way to spend my time. A friend was in Washington State and toured one of the trailers of the two I had not seen. He posted a video on his youtube for subscribers.
  • check-mark-md (2)Confirm alternatives for early withdrawal of retirement funds: As of 2017 we are not planning to have to use this for our budget as I’m keeping a part-time job. Without penalty I can use funds from my government 457 plan after age 50. I believe I can move money from a simple IRA to a traditional IRA as I’ve been in the plan more than two years. I believe I can use substantial equal payments from a traditional IRA at any time but not take substantial payments from the simple IRA until I’ve separated from employment. And if I take substantial equal payments they must continue for five years minimum. If I take money out of the 457 plan they will withhold 20% for taxes. Of course, I would receive a tax refund if my actual income tax was less than 20%.
  • check-mark-md (2)Attend 2018 RV Show: We finally have a short list of trailers by floor plan and brand. Easiest show we have attended over the past four years. Skipped all the rigs we now know we are not interested in. Spent extra time in rigs with floor plan we are interested in. Testing everything like the storage areas, seating, toilet height and more.
  • check-mark-md (2)Consider starting payments for one pension: I’m 55 this year and can start drawing from one pension for an earlier job. I’ll be checking to see how much more I can get if I delay. One thing I really want to do is get all the retirement payments setup before we hit the road. Preferably through direct deposit accounts. Good chance this one will move to next year. Karen took her social security at 62. Done, took corporate pension.
  • check-mark-md (2)Sell Motorcycle. Should have done this two years ago. I’m having it tuned up before the sale. Sold to a friend of a friend at work. Cancelled the insurance so we will save that expense for the next year.
  • check-mark-md (2)Sell hot tub. I need the electrical spots in the electrical panel for the new sewer system. Also will not leave me wondering if the new owners of our home will demand it be moved at the last minute.

6 thoughts on “2018 Decisions – Done

  1. hot tubs in my area are always a big plus when selling. you can get half space breakers for your electrical panel which will give you more space to add in your other items.


  2. Your blog is amazing. We have been doing the same thing. At this point, our home is under contract and we have an RV spot reserved. We will be paying off our current 2012 Keystone Mountaineer and 2017 Ford F350 and buying a new 2019 residential model fifth wheel. Considering 2019 Forest River Riverstone 38RE or 2019 Heartland Lafayette. I will be debt free at 55 and my husband at 51!


    • That’s a short question with a long answer. I’ll try and be brief. There are various post on the blog regarding the subject as well.

      First we decided on a fifth wheel because we are going full time RV living and wanted to be more comfortable when parked rather than driving. If we wanted to be more comfortable while driving, or traveling between stops, then we would have decided on a motor home. Also we intend to be stopped for longer periods rather than for shorter stays.

      We decided on a rear living room floor plan. The back of a fifth wheel is the best space because of ceiling height and double slides. We wanted to be more comfortable when in the living room, compared with say a rear bedroom.

      We could not find a rear living floor plan under 35′ that we wanted to live in. And we wanted to keep the trailer as short as possible which opens open more places to park.

      We decided to get a truck capable of handling a heavier fifth wheel but generally the 16,000-16,500 pound gross weight trailers were in our budget if bought new. Establishing a budget is important to narrow the search.

      We had specific minimal water tank sizes and most important, we wanted to be left with no less than 3,000 pounds of cargo space. We had other short list must haves but those are a couple big ones. For example we wanted quiet, ducted air conditioners ect..

      I have a very detailed selection matrix where I scored trailers that met our basic requirements. Then I divided the score by what the best manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) I could find. That allowed me to decide which of our final four selection offered the best value for the dollar. You basically get what you pay for in an RV, but some are better values if you look closely.

      We wanted to buy from a company that has proven exceptional customer service after the sale. This might be the most important point.

      The Vanleigh Vilano 320GK met all our requirements. It’s built by the Tiffin family which is family owned and have been building RVs since the 1970’s. If this floor plan would not have been offered then they may have scored lower on my matrix.

      Ask away if you have other questions. Otherwise on the blog is a box where you can select see categories. Select whatever area you are interested in.

      Thanks for the question,



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