2018 Decisions

  • Continue reviewing connectivity technology trends. I had postbonded this in 2015 because technology changes.  I started making my list of what we might purchase the first year and those are the items I’m planning to study in detail.
  • Contact Real Estate Agent: We use a local firm and will have the agent come out and tell us what he wants done to the house in preparation for sale as early as the spring of 2019. Also gives the agent notice to be on the look out for buyers. Will do this late in 2018 so we can spend winter getting stuff done.
  • Home Improvement: Septic system maintenance. The city put in a low pressure sewer line in front of our house which by law we have to tie into before we sell the house. Priced this out in 2017 and as we may put the house on the market in the spring of 2019 we need to get this done earlier than later.
  • Home Improvement: Replace hall bath mirror and possible light fixture.
  • Home Improvement: Finish up trim work for carpeted areas already replaced by hard surface floors. And grout around base of back-splash! (Got the grouting done and most of the trim)
  • Home Improvement: Cleanup the trail through our woods. Bought some better cutting tools back in 2015 which included attachments for weedeater. Should allow for minimum time needed to spruce up the trail before selling the house.
  • Home Improvement: Improve landscaping in front of house. May extend into spring of 2019. Already started and focused on what growth pattern of plantings will be at the time we sell the house. May have to have that concrete step replaced or repaired.
  • Home Improvement: Finish painting outside of house.  I’m using expensive paint that last a long time and shields fading caused by UV rays.
  • Home Improvement: Replace flowering tree in front yard or figure out a way to cut out exposed roots and stop lean. Wind took it out in April of 2017. May go with something shorter because the views past the tree are incredible.  One has to consider the future growth!  Soft wood trees grow faster but the wind takes them out when full size. Karen wants me to consider a Bradford Pear because it grows narrow and fast.
  • Home Improvement: Replace three bedroom carpets and stair carpet. I’d like to push it off to the final year before we sell the house but Karen might overrule me.  We have dogs. So far I’m winning the battle but she is gaining ground.
  • check-mark-md (2)Consider attending an RV rally/seminar  – After much thought – we don’t need to go. I’ll have spent five years planning and really feel I have a handle on the fulltime RV thing. Might to a rally or seminar someday for fun. The RV-Dream Rally looked good and at a fair price. What I like about the RV Dream Rally is you have a chance to meet up with a lot of fulltimers or futuretimers and make friends.
  • Consider buying a high profile luxury rig this year: The 2016/2017 models would most likely be the year we would purchase a relatively more expensive rig from as a used unit.  I’m leaning towards buying a 2018 in September or later as a new unit when the prices come down. From my research that’s the best way to get around 35% off MSRP.
    • If this is the year we buy, then also call wholesale warranties to get an estimate on an extended warranty with cost if we bought now or in one year near end of manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Get the dents fixed on Karen’s car. We will be trading my car in on a truck and most likely selling Karen’s ourselves. Although she wants to consider just having one vehicle, which is the truck.
  • Consider if this is the year to buy the truck. Of course we will do this if we plan to buy a trailer in 2018. Here is a link to my blog posts in 2017. We are getting a dual wheel truck to improve the cargo (pin weight) load max weight. I think a truck might be handy when downsizing the house. I already know the top 6 trailers we might buy and the truck I’m considering will handle them all.  If she gets to feeling comfortable with the truck then we will sell her car.   I’ve heard there might be major changes coming to the 2018 Ram (update – there were). Ford did it in 2017 and Chevy/GMC had more minor changes in 2017 from what I can tell. We are leaning at buying a used truck with under 20,000 miles which from my research saves about 23% off a new unit.
  • Downsizing: A good year to start downsizing more rapidly. If we sell the house in the spring of 2019 we may be living in the trailer!
  • check-mark-md (2)Attend a larger RV Show:  We need to get out of the Kansas City area to see more units. Actually, there are only two brands that we might be interested in that are not usually at the local show or sold at area dealerships. I don’t see any point in traveling to a larger show. Factory tours would be a better way to spend my time. A friend was in Washington State and toured one of the trailers of the two I had not seen. He posted a video on his youtube for subscribers.
  • check-mark-md (2)Confirm alternatives for early withdrawal of retirement funds: As of 2017 we are not planning to have to use this for our budget as I’m keeping a part-time job. Without penalty I can use funds from my government 457 plan after age 50. I believe I can move money from a simple IRA to a traditional IRA as I’ve been in the plan more than two years. I believe I can use substantial equal payments from a traditional IRA at any time but not take substantial payments from the simple IRA until I’ve separated from employment. And if I take substantial equal payments they must continue for five years minimum. If I take money out of the 457 plan they will withhold 20% for taxes. Of course, I would receive a tax refund if my actual income tax was less than 20%.
  • Attend 2018 RV Show: We finally have a short list of trailers by floor plan and brand. Will make for an interesting show because we are looking to buy – but not at a show as we can get better pricing if we shop around.
  • Consider starting payments for one pension: I’m 55 this year and can start drawing from one pension for an earlier job. I’ll be checking to see how much more I can get if I delay. One thing I really want to do is get all the retirement payments setup before we hit the road. Preferably through direct deposit accounts. Good chance this one will move to next year.
  • Mobile Office: I have a separate list of tasks to complete and I’m implementing a lot of it this year. In early 2019 I plan to be up and running so I can test the process out at a local campground.

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