I’ll be back later to add more to this. For now, just a place to park my notes. Here on 3/4/2018 the only state you can get national healthcare insurance is Florida. Karen will have Medicare about nine months after we hit the road but I’ll be providing my own.

Here is a link to a few of my blog posts:

General Notes:

  • Wheelingit is a great site. As of 2014 Nina is researching the healthcare topic. (12/6/14) Here is her 2016 updated post on the subject. Here is her 2018 update.
  • New Choice To search for medical cost procedures in your area. When you are shopping around rather than just going where the doctor says to go.
  • is a site everyone is recommending. (12/6/14)
  • Liberty Healthshare:  Have not looked into this yet. (4/11/15)
  • Pay a monthly fee for remote doctor, eye care and dental. (11/4/15)
  • RV Senior Blog post regarding pre-Medicare age where selecting a county is as important as the state for domicile. Here is a link to check health services by state/county which might be useful when we decide to come off the road. (12/9/15)
  • Might be a good place to start looking for health care plans. “HealthSherpa is linked into the Federal Marketplace, where your application is processed and enrolled.”
  • Here is a health care planning link to a post I did regarding direct medical care. It’s worth reading (4/1/17)
  • Excellent blog post by Roads Less Traveled regarding dental care in Mexico. Includes camping ideas. (4/16/17)
  • RV Lifestyle Experts information on health care. (8/27/17
  • C & C RV Insurance: Broker that covers not only RV insurance but health, dental and vision. (9/9/17)
  • RV Health may be a service worth the money. (1/20/18)
  • You can order lab work at centers around the country without the need of insurance or even a doctor. Heard about it on this young couples YouTube video. Some of the lab work was recommended by urgent care doctors.
  • Walgreens Prescription Discount Club:  Costs $20 a year for a single person or $35 for family. I could see this helping especially if you have medications you take routinely.
  • Find pricing for various healthcare insurance plans.