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As there are going to be several topics for this section I added sub-pages. There is additional related information under the Trucks and Hitches page.

You might want to read my blog post on Cargo Capacity!

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Tires, Wheels and Brakes
Frame and Suspension

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  • Dexter suspensions have been around for 50 years but I’m really liking what I’ve heard about Morryde.
  • How is the frame and other steel treated for rust prevention?
  • Frame size. Landmark 365 uses 12″ with 6 point leveling. But they also use 8,000 pound axels.
  • Heartland Big County has shocks along with the Dexter suspension.
  • For those that follow the RV Dreams blog, here are some direct quotes from them:
    • Picked up fifth wheel and took it directly to a CAT scale to be weighed before taking it home to load.  Unfortunately, the 3,000 lbs of cargo carrying capacity (CCC) we were expecting turned out to be only about 1,200 lbs after options were added.  We were going to be overloaded as soon as we put our stuff in the fifth wheel.
    • So, we added the MORryde IS suspension and Dexter 8,000-lb disc brakes. We’ll never own another fifth wheel without these options. Note – they went to electric over hydraulic. Today the Kodiak disc brakes are more highly rated.
    • Replaced trailer wheels with 17.5″ X 6.75″ 865 Aluminum Hi-Spec Series 3 Trailer Wheels.
    • Replaced our Goodyear G614 LT 235/85R16 Load Range G tires with Goodyear G114 215/75R17.5 Load Range H commercial tires
  • Here is a good video on the MorRyde 4000 suspension. Guy makes some good points and helps you understand suspension parts. One comment about the 4000 is it raises the height of the fifthwheel, he says, a inch or so. That might help with adding some clearance between your truck side and the bottom of the fifth wheel. Some say 6″ of clearance is best and with the new trucks with taller bed sides that can be hard to achieve.

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