Parking ideas here for possible future workcamping. I need to come back and better organize these. 

To meet our budget needs, Karen and I must earn or save $500 a month ($6,000 a year). We can do this by workcamping for a spot or salary. One idea is to find a place we want to see and get a position that pays for time worked. It might be possible with two of us working we can knock out a full year of earnings requirement in a single season job. Then take the rest of the year off.

Workampers Rendezvous: Appears to be an annual event where you can network and learn all about workamping. Appears to be about $400 cost for two plus camping spot.

Camper Chronicles Posts: I list their blog posts separately because they are the most complete review of jobs they have taken on. They depend upon the income as they are not fully retired as of 2014.  Their posts tell the good and the bad. If you are considering any of these positon I suggest you read their blog posts. Their writing is so detailed you will be able to imagine living it.

  • Beet Harvest in October. Camper Chronicles has an excellent string of blog posts fully describing the experience. There is no better place to read about it! (10/30/16).
  • Christmas Tree Sales:  Another popular job for workampers.  Camper Chronicles took it on and as usual they included excellent details on the their blog. Read their blog series for details. (November 2016).
  • Amazon workforce – not yet but on their list.
  • Gate Guard: Again, another series by Camper Chronicles. They do such an excellent job explaining the experience from finding the job to working it.
    • Here are a couple other blogs about gate guard work: and
  • Working for Utility Company Owners Campgrounds:  Another link to the start of their experience. Believe this job is a Timothy Lake in Oregon. For Portland General Electric in remote campsites.
  • Here is their first post regarding working at Amazon. Karen and I are not sure we would be able or want to do this kind of physical labor, but who knows. My back does not handle standing for long period of times nor walking with weight uphill due to a past injury.

Websites: For looking up job postings.

  • Working  I’ve not had a chance to spend much time here.
  • Workamper news: The go-to place for jobs and listing your resumes so employers can search them. It’s now free to joint the portion where you will receive job listings. You can pay for more services such as resume posting/preparation and looking up employee reviews or employers. The regular forums section is hardly used.  (11/12/14)
  • American Land and Leisure: Looks like they have workamping jobs in 11 states, sorted by category. Benefits include hourly wage for all hours worked, campsite and hookups. “We’re a private contractor that cares for over 400 National Forest, Pacific Gas & Electric and State Park campgrounds throughout the United States.  USDA Forest Service campgrounds are operated under a special use permit” (8/3/17)
  • Work Camping Look through posting for job ideas we might like. (1/9/15)
  •  Free listings, look for a job or post for a job. (7/27/15)
  • Black Hills of South Dakota: Paying job at the Crazy Horse Memorial Gift Shop. Learned about it on the Live2RV Blog. They got a VIP pass with huge discounts to area attractions.  (9/5/15)
  • Oregon State Parks system has a lot of different jobs.
  • has jobs listed by state. Heard about this one on the Damn Near Perfect Couple blog.
  • Cool It’s fun to browse and see what’s out there.  (1/9/15)
  • Workamping Facebook Group: Lots of ideas to select from. I’ve not joined the group because I’m not into Facebooking.  I might join and add to the site if I ever get a job using it.
  • Workers on Wheels: Just found this site and am looking through all the resources they have to offer. (12/21/17)

Other Ideas: I’m only listing the more unique or detailed ideas such as Kirk and Pam’s 10 years of volunteer work.

  • Gas Line Inspections: Seems like something one could do if staying long-term in an area. Here is a long post on it in a forum. Here is a 2015 post about compensation. (11/20/14)
  • Kirk and Pam Volunteer Jobs: 10 years worth.  (12/5/14)
  • Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: Karen says she might be able to borrow a dog rather than having our own.  We also talked about paying for our own site while working in town. She could work at a vet’s office and I could get a temporary job while we are stopped in one place for several months. (12/8/14)
  • Found this comment on a blog which I’ll be looking into: “workamping can also be signing up with nationwide temporary agencies, then they can find you temp jobs in any number of big cities (of course it helps if you’re staying in that city for a couple of months!). I am signed up with Snelling, Adecco and Robert Half Office Team.”
  • Colorado State Parks Limited Commission Ranger. Can be up to 40 hours a week and is seasonal. Also offers benefits such as healthcare. Link to Colorado Title 33.
  • Historic Hire people at .30 a photo to add text to photos. Says you can do 35 an hour ($10.50 per hour) and required 150 photos a week.  Need internet service and they will send you a 1099.  If you have the internet service I could see doing this while siting by a nice lake. They send your pay to a PayPal account. Would be a nice way to earn $45 a week or whenever you have connectivity. Contact is
  • Keep a part-time mobile job. I work in the office of a small construction contracting business. I sold the company to it’s current owner. The office work takes up to 10 hours of my time each week and requires a computer, two small printers and internet service a couple times each week.  It makes up a budget shortage. Also, the first year on the road is expensive and this might help with all the initial purchases. If I did not have this opportunity I might look at getting started in another mobile business before we go fulltime to an RV. That way I know the job will work on the road before we take off. Update – I’m keeping this 10 hour a week job. This should prevent the need to take anything out of retirement savings. 
  • Camper Report: Article on making money on the road. He offers 11 ways he is doing it.  Such as selling stock photos, blogging and more. I can only assume he is telling the truth about income potential. Refers you to other links in the video such as staring at blog at or selling ebooks you have written through
  • Sun n Fun Air Expo: Located about 45 minutes east of Tampa Florida in Lakeland.  They have a large air show there in April. I read where you can get volunteer jobs from Jan through the air show. Requires 24 hours each (total 48) for full hook up at their RV park. Here is a small amount of information in an a blog. According to the blogger you just work wherever you have skills.  I don’t think this is the same place as Sun n Run Resorts where others said workamping was a terrible experience.
  • Tesomas Scout Camp: In Washington State. Heard about it on RVillage workamper group. User name IngredableDash worked there said give him a call and he can hook us up. Says to contact Elvis there who is always looking for workampers. This one of the top Boy Scout camps in the USA. I’m an Eagle Scout and worked a summer at a camp in Missouri. Had a blast.
  • Temporary Agency: This might be a good way to spend a little time in one area. Really would have to compare the hourly rate with the campsite costs to make sure a volunteer job is not a better option. Then there is do we need to keep work clothing area. I’d use a national agency so you don’t have to keep applying.
  • NOMADS: Religious based volunteer work. Campsite provided. You work four days for six hours and have three off. Lots of construction project scattered around the country. Found the idea on the Wondering With Us Blog.

Specific Locations We May Consider

  • Beaver Lake Arkansas. We considering moving there one year.  It’s close to Eureka Springs and Branson. Here is a post in 2017. “The Corps of Engineers operates 11 campgrounds around Beaver Lake in NW Arkansas. They are still in need of several park hosts for this summer season. These are paid positions and may involve cleaning bathrooms. Full hookup provided. You must have a DUNS and Cage number, which the rangers will assist with. For specific details please contact Ranger James Bloxham at or 479-636-1210 Ext 1719.”
  • Silver Lake RV Resort, Michigan: Just east of Lake Michigan. Work 10 hours to pay for space then $9.75 an hour there after. On the sand dunes. (8/15/17)Experience beautiful west Michigan at SILVER CREEK RV RESORT at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes! Now hiring for the 2018 season (mid-May to mid-September). Duties may include front desk, security, maintenance, mowing, and bathroom/site cleaning. 10 hours/week pays for full hookup, level, paved site with cable TV and WiFi. Hours over 10 will be paid at $9.75/hour. Apply today and enjoy your next Workamping experience at one of Michigan’s finest resorts!
    • A blog reader left this comment: Kim Barashick says:

      Mark I noticed that you may be interested in workamping at Silver Lake, MI in the future. My husband and I have spent the summer workamping at Silver Creek’s sister park in Ludington. If you need any info about the area or the parks feel free to email me.