RV Accessories

We are going to do our best to hold off purchasing most gadgets until after we are on the road and know for sure what we want.  Others recommend not buying anything that does not serve at least two purposes.

Inflatable Kayak (Click for link)

Let RV Website links: If you want to page through a lot of products, here is 14 pages worth.

Shopping Locations: 

  • E-Trailer.com: Lots of stuff for RV and truck. Really like the way they organize hitches which are sorted by truck model.
  • Camping World: We are Good Sam Club members which gets us a discount. But, I’ve noticed their “club” prices are very typical to what you can buy anywhere with a little shopping around.


  • Harbor Freight Inverter: New in late 2017. Some say as quiet as the Honda’s but at a fraction of the price. Can hook two together.
  • Other brands to consider are the Honda, Yamaha and Champion.

Electronics and Connectivity

Organization and Storage Solutions:

  • Hanging organizer: for small items with zipper pockets.  Way cool and $12
  • Command Products: By 3M, hooks – hangers and a lot more that can be placed on walls and later removed without causing wall damage. They are always coming up with new products, like a hook with jaws to hold a broom.
  • Collapsible Storage Bin: Can put all the stuff in it that would move around before traveling. Unpack and store.

Kitchen/Cooking Related Items

Sewer and Water Handling

  • Blue Boy. Portable tank to haul waste off from the black tank.  Saw a post where they wrote a guy attaches his to a hitch on his truck.
  • Sewer Solution: Uses water pressure to liquefy sewage into a small 1″ hose.  Can leave your grey tank always open because you will not need it to flush the sewer line. Can back flush with it also. Here is a video comparing tank flushing devices. Watch the video before you buy one – because they don’t work. Our 5th wheel will have a tank flush built in!
  • Pivot Sewer Connection: Just swing the arm out and hook up. On the Road of Retirement Blog has the Coleman Roadtrip LX.
  • New World 45 gallon collapsible water bladder: Heard about this on the RV Dreams Blog.  Howard uses a water pump to transfer the water into his holding tank.
  • Flowjet Waste Water Pump: So you can drain the black and grey tanks to a septic or indoor toilet.
  • RV Water Filter Store:  You can have them build custom length hoses. Read about them on a forum where someone was referred to them for hoses that last and don’t cause the water to taste bad.
  • Shurflo Accumulator Tank:  Is a small tank which stores water. When hooked to the water pump it apparently stops water surges from the pump. Learned about it on the Traveling Tallyes blog. I checked with them and they did not install it in their new trailer. He was marginally impressed with the first one.
  • On the Go water filtration brand is mentioned by someone I trust. Will look into that portable unit a little more later.
  • Aqua Tank 2: Water bladder than folds up small. Comes in various sizes and you can use a small pump with it.

Other Outside RV Related Accessories I’ve Heard About.

Other Inside RV Related Accessories

  • Dowel Rod: Heard of using it attahed to hitch for spot to lineup. Also put marks on it to show how wide your slides are in case you need to measure, for example to make sure you will not hit tree when putting slides out..
  • Terro Ant Bait:  Okay, so it’s not an RV gadget but just as important. Never used them but others recommend.
  • Dyson cordless vacuum. Karen said she does not want a whole house vacuum that is built in. She likes the Dyson because it can be made into a handheld.  I’d like one that can be used in the truck as well.
  • Telesteps 700FLD 7-Feet Double Folding Step Ladder:  Folds up for easy storage. Found this one in a blog post by On The Move. When checking the manufacturers web site it appears the weight limit is 250 pounds. The ladder is 24 pounds and folds down to a tube like shape.
  • Rollup table: Fits in a bag and weighs in at 12.5 pounds.
  • Piper nv Smart Home Security Monitor: Send messages to your phone. Monitors temperature, humidity, noise and has a camera.  Good way to watch the pets.

Blog Pages or Lists

  • Roads Less Traveled list of items they have reviewed. Mark researches everything and appears to be one of those you can trust to just go with whatever he decided upon. 
  • RV Geeks list of favorite gear: Listed on separate pages. There are several videos regarding their purchase decisions as well.

Photos and Other Stuff

Fridge Lock

Fridge Lock

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