We Will Miss Our Gardens

It’s that time of year around here, time to start some plants inside.  Actually, with the early spring I should have already started the plants.

I began gardening 39 years ago when my mom asked me to dig a 3×10 garden spot.  The hobby has grown to more than 13 planting beds and at one time three vegetable gardens.  Not to mention the fruit trees and berry bushes.  In the last several years I’ve downsized a bit.  I hate to admit one year I started a couple hundred plants inside.  Now I’m limiting it to several plants I have good luck with.  I’ve thought about what it will be like to be on the road in an RV without our gardens. Figure we will make sure and enjoy stops to tour gardens along the way. It might just be nice not to have to be the one tending the garden.

Here are a few photos from todays activity.  I ran out of potting soil so I’ll have to finish up later.  I received a visit from some of my “girls.” Our honey bees are out in force.  They started bringing in pollen about three weeks ago which is always a good sign spring is here.

WP_20150329_001  WP_20150329_002

WP_20150329_004  WP_20150329_005

WP_20150329_008  WP_20150329_003

We are hobby beekeepers.  We call the bees our “girls” because only the females fly around foraging. The bottom right photo is the entrance to an observation hive that is inside our home. I moved my table away from the bee entrance, although our bees are very friendly. It is extremely unusual that a foraging honey bee would sting and then only to defend itself. Unless you’re near their hive at certain times of the year, they just fly past and avoid contact.

There is a great place to visit here in Kansas City for planting supplies and other neat garden items. Planters Seed Company has been around for a long time. And if you are in town and want to see one of the best public gardens – stop by Powell Gardens. Both are worth the trip. Planters is located just outside downtown Kansas City in our River Market area which has many attractions within walking distance.

I’ve noticed how full-timers don’t seem to come through Kansas City. In future blog posts I’ll be adding links to wonderful places to visit. Just in case your interested in making KC a stop during your travels.

Let us know if you visit any great gardens during your travels!

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