Our Choices

Wish list of options I would want in a truck.

As of 3/19/17 I already know we are interested in a dual rear wheel, long-bed, 4×4 extended truck. Most likely our trailer will be in the 16,500 gross weight class or less. I want to build in higher capability in a truck in case we upgrade to a heavier trailer which would be under 20,000 gross. If this was not going to be our only vehicle I might take a few less options on the truck in that it would only be used for towing.

  • Fifth wheel hitch prep – of course
  • All leather seats
  • Ventilated/cooled front seats
  • Crew Cab
  • Decent stereo system
  • Keyless entry keypad
  • Front bucket seats
  • Engine block heater
  • Will consider navigation system and maybe a sun roof if we buy used.
  • Standard alternator, not the dual or heavy duty.
  • Prefer electric mirrors that retract inward when not towing and fold.
  • Not interested in the fancy camera systems for towing, but want rear truck camera, side view cameras (to watch for cars) or at least side warning lights if someone is next to the trailer for lane changes.
  • Most likely will buy a year old with less than 20,000 miles on it.
  • All seasons tires, not the all terrain stuff because they are very loud.
  • Here on 11/25/17 I’m leaning towards the best transmission the truck has to offer and a 4.10 gear ratio. We will be towing most of the time about 5 mile per hour under the posted speed limit (it’s easier with traffic passing) and heavier loads.