Side by Side Comparisons

This page includes all my notes where trucks are compared side by side. I’m looking for good charts but might have to create my own.

Truck Comparisons PDF (click to my 2017 spreadsheet)

2017 Trucks

  • Side by Side Comparison 2015 Super Duty Ram/Ford/Chevy Towing Fifth Wheel. Note Ford is coming out with a new frame in 2017! The Fast Lane YouTube channel is a good one. (11/29/14)
  • Miles Per Gallon:  Fast Lane Truck YouTube where they test the 2017’s on what looked like flat ground for around 100 miles of pulling.  The 2017 Ford and Chevy were redesigned in 2017 with the Chevy diesel having an all new engine. Ram did engine changes in 2018.  In this video the Ford was the quietest inside, followed by the Chevy then Ram.  MPG were about the same. Ram with Cummins was at 6.7MPG, Chevy Duramax was 6.4 MPG and Ford Powerstroke was at 5.7 MPG. The load pulled maxed out the Chevy tow capacity. One thing to note about the 2017 Ford is the 48 gallon fuel tank is huge compared to Ram at 32 and Chevy at 36.
  • Fifth Wheel Street website – one ton truck tow ratings. 2017 charts for capacity and more.
  • Car and Driver reviews of 2017 models.
  • MrTruckTv – Has a ton of videos.
  • Side by Side Video: 2017 one tons by MrTruckTV and another guy I’ve seen in a lot of videos. Towing around 22,000 pounds which is important to me as I’m looking for a truck that can handle up to 19,500. Pin weight in this test is at 19% or 4,319 pounds. Excellent comparison for my purposes. Max tow for the Chevy is 23,000 pounds so they had to limit in order to compare. Overall Chevy won this one with Ram in second place. For some reason the best in class for torque, Ford did not climb the hill as well. My guess is as the Chevy has a higher horse power rating, once it reached speed it was able to maintain the speed better. It they had been able to add a lot more weight, Chevy would most likely not performed as well (and would have been over weight).  One has to also decide what the most typical landscape will be when towing.
  • Another video – Comparing side by side 2017 dually trucks. Mostly showing what Ford has that other do not. Interesting the guy in the video claims Chevy may introduce their aluminum bed in 2018 (rather than 2020) and says Ram has decided to always stay with steel.
  • Video weighing all three trucks – These are the optioned out F350/3500 dually trucks. Ram weighed the most, then Ford and the lightest was the Chevy. That’s the same order I found when doing my spreadsheet based on factory specs.
  • MPG: 2017 Heavy duty pulling 22,800 pounds for 100 miles. Ram Asian Transmission- 6.6 mpg with cab noise at 70.9 decibels.  Chevy Allison 6.4 mpg with cab noise at 69 decibels and Ford with 5.7 mpg with cab noise at 67.9 decibels.
    • So the Ram is the most fuel efficient but the loudest.
    • The Chevy is the next most fuel efficient with the sound about the same as the Ford. Note – the test maxed out the Chevy’s tow abilities.
    • The Ford is the least fuel efficient (about 15% less efficient than the Ram) but is the quietest (about 5% quieter than the Ram).
      • If you towed 10,000 miles a year and fuel was $2.75 a gallon the Ram would save you about $658 a year compared to the Ford.

2016 Truck Sales