Plumbing and Propane

Everything Water and Gas Runs Through


  • Really like the setup DRV and New Horizons have where the water lines terminate at a water manifold with individual shut-offs.
  • Toilet: Dee on the Tumbleweed blog reports they replaced the original Tedford brand with a new Dometic 310 toilet with much improved flushing. Good forum on toilet paper.
  • Never thought about this one. A water pump switch in the bathroom.  Don’t know if that’s common or not but could see the value. Then again I don’t know if people turn their pumps off when not inside or if it’s okay to leave them on fulltime. And what about having a switch by the outside shower?
  • What is a water pump accumilator tank. And how does it make the pump really quiet?
  • Kitchen faucet high enough to get a large pan under.  Raised faucet is in our future.
  • What is thermostatic control of water in shower. Assume it has something to do with the fixture.
  • Shower head – read about the Oxygenics and that it saves water but has great pressure.
  • Read in a blog where they have a 2012 Jayco Pinnacle. Black water tanks has two 90 degree elbows. They have issues with clogging but not sure why. Turns in plumbing and joints can cause paper to hang up. Maybe they need a back flushing devise.
  • I like the shower heads that are mounted on a bar so you can adjust the height.
  • Leaning towards the outside shower having a quick disconnect rather than the plastic model where you can’t remove the hose.
  • Planning to research about electric black/grey water drain valves. Wonder if they would be more of a potential problem then the pull knobs?
  • Is there a built in tank flushing system. Yes, and we will have one. Here is a video about add on products – that don’t work!
  • Here is what RV Dreams recommends for minimum tank sizes:
    • Minimum 75 gallon fresh water holding tank
    • Minimum 75 gallon gray water holding tank
    • Minimum 45 gallon black water holding tank
  • 12 gallon gas/electric water heaters are popular.  Many report in the forums the 10 gallon works just fine as the recovery rate is high. Need to consider having the larger one if you have a washing machine. I don’t trust the tankless heaters here in 2016. I’m not sure if the Atwood or Suburban is the better brand of gas water heater. Not sure, but another person says the Atwood does not have the anode rod that has to be replaced during maintenance like the Suburban does.
  • Per Howard at RV Dreams” Cargo Carrying Capacity is indeed GVWR – Dry Weight.  It’s now a federally required number on all RVs since June 2008, and each unit has a sticker with CCC on it.  The CCC assumes the fresh water tank is empty, so traveling with a full tank of water reduces the CCC by however many gallons times 8.33 lbs/gallon.”  Most suggest minimum CCC for fulltime is 3,000 pounds.
  • I prefer a porcelain toilet that flushes all the way around rather than just in the back which might cause you to have to use a sprayer.
  • Got this from a forum thread and totally agree “one of the easiest ways to see if a unit has quality is look at the plumbing fixtures and lines. If the fixtures are plastic, then it has less than (the) high (highest) quality. If they use pex lines AND brass fittings (not plastic), then it is above average in quality.” By this he is saying the elbows that join the plumbing lines are brass rather than plastic.
  • I’m wanting to spend more time looking at the On the Go water filtration system. I’ll be considering a filter reduces an already low water pressure when not pumbing it from the tank. May just get a second filter at the sink for drinking and such.
  • YouTube video for every kind of RV toilet you could imagine (5/12/18)


  • Auto tank switching can cause you to run out of propane without knowing it. Wonder if there is a monitoring system?
  • Still thinking about the portable grill attachment.
  • Not a bad price for generator at Norwall.


  • After our experience renting an RV, I’m going to research tank water level meters (SeeLevel II tank level sensors and monitors ). The black water tank never was accurate. Assume TP was hung up on it.
  • I’ve read more than once that the Dometic Toilet is better built than the Thetford. Specifically the Dometic 320.

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