2014 Decisions – Done

This list started in September.                          

  • Start a blog – I’m using WordPress.  I viewed a ton of blogs and some of the most detailed and similar to what I hope my content to look like, were using WordPress. The main reason for the blog, other than using it like a notebook to record research, is to solicit ideas from others. I was told Google Blogger is easier to use if all you want is to have a place to post about your journey while on the road.
  • Start to advertise this blog location– such as adding to signature line in forums which was highly recommended by others.  There are other ways to advertise but for now I’m sticking with word-of-mouth. I could optimize the blog with keywords which would help. So far the best source of visits to our blog is by responding and posting on forums. Also good to follow other blogs and comment on posts.
  • Revise retirement financial planning. Also considered a few items in detail.
  • Refinance house for better interest rate and to pay off earlier by applying savings to principal.
  • Have a plan for 2015 RV Show rather than wondering aimlessly through units.
  • Exit strategy if we decide to leave the road. Going to keep some money from home sale to buy another later. By then I would have more information as to what others are doing.  I might want to also consider how to invest extra money generated by our current home sale.

 This year is closed to updating!

Comments are Appreciated

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