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(Updated 10/8/16)

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I decided to use this as a place to keep all the various internet links, people, books and other places I went for advice during my planning stages. The places I visited most are shown in red text or with gold stars inside each of the below pages.

Blogs We Follow : With details about each Blogger.
Healthcare Planning: Everything I’ve noted so far.
Hitch Shopping: Everything about fifth wheel hitches.
Other Links: Everything that does not fit in another category.
RV Shopping: From dealerships to accessories.
Trip Planning: I’ve done my own and read hundreds of pages of how others are doing it.
Workamping: In some cases there are links back to detailed blog posts by workampers.

15 thoughts on “Planning Links

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  2. Mark,

    Love your blog! I was a planner by trade in my career. Your organizational skills are outstanding! I think I have found my twin!

    If you are interested, check out our blog: We are currently set up in Michigan with our RV, due to an elderly family member we are caring for. I’ve written a great deal on the subject of living in an RV in the winter. The flavor of the blog is intended to paint a portrait of life on the road, so any number of subjects could come up. We would love it if you would take a look!

    Again, you are doing a great job here. I really look forward to following your blog.


  3. Hi Mark,
    Another great way to find rv’s is While we were still living in CA, we bought our 5th wheel online in Michigan and bought our truck online in Illinois. Easiest thing we’ve ever done. Both were new 2013’s we bought in 2014.

    On a side note. We love everything about our 2013 Montana 3582RL and would buy it again. We just now went through our first problem (could be a big problem, maybe not. TIme will tell). I’d ask if whatever type of trailer you buy uses staples or screws in the roofing materials. Apparently ours is staples. Some folks (apparently very few compared to how many are sold) are having problems with staples lifting up under the membrane. I noticed it happening a bit and when we brought it in vxfor a few minor repairs before our 1 year warranty runs up our RV repair person thought the staples should be removed and screws used, new plywood and new membrane put on. Montana denies after seeing pictures that it is a problem. They say it’s minor and should not be a problem in the future and if does, we are documented and it will be taken care of. While I’d rather the full repair was done I guess we’ll keep a close eye on it. We’ll probably have a second opinion done also in month 11. I am going to go look at the roof tomorrow and take more pictures. We have a copy of the full report (hard copies and e-mails). Just wanted to let you know that we are happy with every other aspect of this trailer, but wanted to be honest.


    • Thanks for posting. I hope you can get the problem with the roof fixed so you don’t have to worry about it. I’d want something in writing if Montana plans to honor a problem after the warranty. I’m sure you have that under control and thanks for the heads-up. I followed how your did the purchase of the truck and RV over the internet – way cool. Can’t see any reason why one would not if buying new. Bet it was fun driving from Tennessee to get the truck and then on to the 5th wheel. Must have a been a fun adventure driving home.


    • Debbie, is your 3582RL 35′ or 39′. Went to the Montana web site and saw it is 39′ but other dealers have the 2013 listed as 35′.

      We are just starting to think about floor plan and length. Leaning towards a 35′ but will not go shorter if the floor plan does not work.


  4. Ours is 39 ft. The difference depends on if they measure from the back bumper to the very front cap, or only to where the overhang/bedroom/upstairs starts. It’s very inconsistent among dealers or advertising. I like to use the bumper to cap measurement as that is what we’ll be parking into a campsite. I wanted 34′ at first because I was worried we would have trouble getting into some state parks (our preferred way to stay). The difference in space and floorplan really changes as you bump up a couple ft each time. I did not want one this big, but now, I love it! Floorplan and space is perfect for us. We have no problems getting in to state parks. It might limit some sites that are larger, but it has barely been a problem. In 8 months there was 2 SP in FL that were tight in maneuvering around the campground loops and the sites were quite narrow for most slides. We do our best to look into that ahead of time. Everyone has there own needs, but most will say they wish they went bigger rather than smaller looking back.


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  7. Mark, just saw your PM on a couple of days ago. Sent you a PM, sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I haven’t been on there for a while. Been looking through your blog & it looks like you are getting your ducks in a row! Send me an email or PM & maybe we can get together!



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