• Staples at parameter compared to screwed. Heard about a Montana where the staples were pulling out.
  •  Armor Roof : Has a lifetime labor and materials warranty which is transferable to next owner. RV Roof is another process used by Howard Payne from RV Dreams.
  • Noticed Montana went to composite 5″ trusses from the galvanized steel. Claim is it allow for better fastening of roof deck. They also claim their radius ceiling is a true 5″ from side to side. Other brands tapper down from 5″ in center to as little as 1″ on the sides.
  • Wondering about roof venting to allow moisture from AC to escape?
    • If the air duct is insulated this might help.
  • Highland Ridge 2016 (owned by Jayco) previously called the Open Range, give a 12 year warranty on roof, with the first 10 years 100% covered. Claim their PVC roofing never needs to even be treated.
  • Want to read up on the Alpha ply rubber roof lik what’s on the 2016 Redwood.

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