2019 Decisions

We are hoping this will be the year of our “semi-retirement”. If we can save enough to leave early!

  • Expand the list of places we want to visit using a searchable database/spreadsheet organized by state. Was referred to this site to get started. Maybe use Google Maps or both. This is expanded from the  2015 decision because more than likely ratings on camp grounds and other stops would be more accurate the closer we are to retirement. I’ll include only permanent landmarks and leave the detailed trip plans to be made when we are on the road. Started the spreadsheet a long time ago and add to it as we find places we want to visit.
  • Consider selling the house and moving to a month to month rent.  Bank the extra savings to be used to hack away at the $6000 we are short (as of 2015 estimates) each year we leave before 59 years of age. We decided back in 2015 not to do this. We have pets and also want to enjoy our current home and land while we still own it. We looked at this option again in 2017. It’s less expensive for us to live in a paid off house ($570 a month) than an $1,100 apartment.  We have to make repairs to the home regardless before we sell it and as we are not living in the house for much longer, we don’t expect any additional major repairs.
  • Design a business card so we can hand them out when on the road etc.. I moved this to an earlier year as we are wanting to meet others now, before we hit the road. Move this from 2016 because we were not sure if we would be keeping our older phone numbers, going to one phone or what. But we want to get this done earlier than later so when we met people we can share our contact info.  I usually use Vista Print. But here is an interesting idea at moo.com. All cards have different backs that can be your photos.
  • Apply for a US Passport. For times we venture into Mexico and Canada. Also not sure if it will help once we apply for a driver’s license in another state. May move this and as much as possible, other items, to 2018 and thereby reduce the load for 2019.
  • Home Improvement: Paint final side of house.
  • Home Improvement: In 2016 the city put in a low pressure sewer line which by law we are required to tie into before selling the house. I postponed this to our final year of working because I wanted to save up the cash to pay for it and find out how others are doing it down the street and what contractors they are having luck with.

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