RV Shopping

Updated 6/3/17 – Click Here to go to my trailer ratings page and short list. I’ll be back to better organize these links!


  • Kansas RV Center: Specialize in fulltime rigs (12/21/14)
  • Leach Camper Sales: Near Omaha for Montanas. Got a referral from a Montana Owners club forum member. Says several have bought there.
  • RV Wholesalers: Located in Ohio. Might get a quote here after rig selection. They also claim to have a nationwide service network. Here is a link where a guy reports paying $20,000 less for a Heartland Landmark than other bids. (7/20/15)
  • Explore USA RV Supercenter: In Denton Texas. Vilano, Bighorn, Redwood. I’ve started paying attention to southern dealerships in case we have to buy when it’s cold.
  • Wholesale RV Club:  Advertised their price for Redwood is more than 35% off MSRP. Has five dealerships. (2/24/18)
  • Haylett Auto and RV in Michigan: Produce some of my favorite trailer walk-throughs. Montana dealership. Claim they don’t low ball an online price and then add on a bunch of fees. (10/20/16) 11949870832001967505estrella_01_svg_thumb
  • General RV: Is the largest family owned dealership in the country with 11 locations in 5 states.  Wonder if that would make it easier for repair in that you would have bought it from them. (2017)
  • RVs For Less Dealership: A blog follower posted an awesome comment about the dealership. They sell DRV and Heartland Landmarks. They were easy to deal with and the couple stayed two nights in the dealerships RV lot checking everything out. They are located in Knoxville, Tenn. Which happens to be a nice place to vacation.
  • RV Nations: (AKA Jeff Couch) Appears to have good pricing on Forest River Cedar Creek and maybe lessor models of Heartland brands. (12/16/16) Stephen Kunkel blog subscriber may have bought his Cedar Creek 34RL2 here. This may be the go-to dealership for Cedar Creeks in Ohio.
  • Lakeshore RV: In west Michigan has a large selection of Bighorns and Montana. They claim no one will beat them on price. Some friends bought here and said  they have RV ports to park in for days while you make sure everything works in your new trailer. (4/2/17) I read their Ebay prices are the lowest they will go. They let you stay as many days as needed to PDI the trailer and allow them to fix anything, but after the sale don’t expect them to return calls.  I checked their Ebay add for a 2108 Montana 3120RL. They listed it at $52,256. Their website had the same trailer listed with an MSRP of $76,382 which seems low in my opinion.  So they might be fudging the MSRP. That is however a discount of 31.5%. Camping World listed their price as $58,777.  Debbie bought their Montana here and gave a good review. (1/1/18)
  • RV Outlet USA: Has some good pricing on Keystone Montana’s, especially the full paint legacy editions. They also stock Heartland Bighorn and Big Country. (2/8/17)
  • Lamesa RV: Multi-state dealership. Bighorn, Montana, Landmark, Big Country and Vilano. Pricing looks real good (8/27/17)
  • Campers Inn: Another dealership with multiple locations. I heard about it from a forum member who bought their Vilano fifth wheel here. (2016)
  • RVingPlanet.com: Claims to have all the floor plans and units in one location. Good way to check out floor plans. (1/1/17)
  • Pete’s RV: Is a wholesaler with three national locations to include Indiana. Readers say they are awesome to work with.  Sell many major brands to include Keystone, Heartland and Lower Level Forest River. And they have a service center and honor all warranties. Could this take the place of a local dealer? (7/18/17)
  • RV’s Unlimited: In Alabama claim to give you the best price upfront with no hidden fees. Sells Redwood and Vilano. I noticed they sell the past years model new at 30% off MSRP. (10/4/17)
  • Three Way Camper Sales: Atlanta Georgia. A person I contacted on the forums got his 2018 3401 Redwood here for $71,000 plus all options at cost. That’s a good deal. He trusts the dealer also.
  • Quality RV: Linn Creek MO near Lake of the Ozarks appears to have good pricing on Cedar Creek Hathaways. Noticed their 2018’s were priced 30% off MSRP.
  • RV Wholesale Club: Has five locations. May be associated with Colerain RV  who have been around a long time. Forum thread says RV Wholesale Club is their internet site. Looks like they carry Redwood and advertise they can do better than 35% off.
  • Tiara RV: Sells Montana, Bighorn, Redwood, Big Country, Landmark. Located in Elkhart. One forum poster wrote about their Montana search “The three dealers in and near Elkhart, Indiana have the best prices I have found in my one year of research. They are Tiara (Elkhart, Indiana), Pete’s (Schererville, Indiana) and Lakeshore (Muskegon, Michigan). I went to my one and only local dealer (30 miles), another dealer (150 miles) and a third dealer (325 miles). I explained the situation to each of them and they are still $13,000 more than the Indiana dealers. They wouldn’t budge.” Note to self, Steve from Puppy Paths recommended Tiara.

General Notes about Negotiating:

  • From Kirk Wood:  There are a lot of theories on this but to date, I have not seen any that hold up and the reason is that there is no standard MSRP for RVs the way that there is for automobiles and if the factory does supply such a document, the dealer has no obligation to show it to you the way that federal law requires of automobiles. What I did that proved to be very successful was to contact the RV manufacturer and I got a list of all dealers for the chosen make/model from them which were located in 3 states. I then selected all of them that I considered being in a reasonable driving distance and I then took the dealer order sheet from our local dealer and covered all of the prices and made a copy of it that showed all details of the order except the pricing. I then called the sales managers of 10 of those dealerships and asked them if they would be interested in making a bid to sell me an ordered RV based on my existing spec sheet. Of the 10 that I called, 9 were interested and so I faxed each one a copy of that order sheet that had no prices. The 9 bids received ranged from 86% of the price shown on the manufacturer’s website to as low as 74%. Since our RV configuration was some different from that on the website, the range seemed reasonable to me. Of those, most stated no trade-ins and some stated trade-in negotiated separately.


Online Sales, Individuals and Consignment:

(General warning about online sales. They sometimes low ball the price and add on a bunch of fees. So negotiate an out the door, final, no fees or whatever cost – before you go to the dealership).

  • RVTrader.com: To compare prices (12/2/14)
  • NADA.com: RV values. Go here to get a general idea on the pricing of whatever RV you are looking for. (2/2/15)
  • RV Buyers Guide: Some good articles as well (2/22/15)
  • PPL Motor Home Consignment Sales: Lost this link and just found it again. They sell all kinds of trailers as well. I often go here to look at floor plans also. Here is a link to what units recently sold for. (6/9/15)
  • RV Guide.com: Free RV ratings. Might be a place to start the search. (7/18/15)
  • Dream Finders RV: Individuals selling and buying. (11/20/14)
  • RVT.com: New and Used RV listings. People even leave reviews of models they are looking at. Better organized than RV Trader.com (9/13/15)
  • Consignment RV Sales:  Had to add this one as it’s located in Missouri a few hours from my home. (9/14/14)
  • RV USA.com: Every topic rolled into one site, such as RVs for sale, forums and finding campgrounds. (2/1/16)
  • RV Online: For sale around country to include by individuals (3/19/16)
  • Smartrv.com:  Another place to shop for RV’s (4/12/17)


Parts/Warranty/Service and More:

  • Arrow RV Parts: They have a local warehouse (12/28/14)
  • Trailer Tires and Wheels – Heard about this on the Tumbleweed blog. (3/23/15)
  • Wholesale Warranties: Again, heard about them on the Tumbleweed blog. (3/29/15)
    • There are two major warranty types: Stated Components and Exclusionary Contracts. Stated Component contracts cover only what is listed in the contract. Exclusionary Contracts cover everything EXCEPT the items listed. Definitely get an Exclusionary Contract, as many more things are covered in that type of contract.
    • Our friends Dean and Cheri used them and she writes they have never denied a claim. They have a $100 deductible and more recently (1/18/2018) have to pay a mobile tech and will be reimbursed.
  • eTrailer.com:  A place to order parts. (4/7/15)
  • Cummins Onan Generators: Here are all of them. (8/26/15)
  • RV Service Reviews: Lots of ratings for service work sorted by state: (9/12/15)
  • RV News.com: Magazine with current events and products. (10/4/15)
  • RV Consumer Group – Annual subscription for RV reviews and reports (11/26/15
  • RV Driving School: Show a list of instructors on a map. (1/23/16)
  • RV Salvage: Listed by state. Good place to buy furniture? I’ve also read in Elkhart Indiana there are outlet stores selling excess RV furniture. (3/13/16)
  • Performance Trailer Braking: Mobile install of disc brakes. They travel to you. (2/7/17)
  • A good suggestion I read in a forum was before you take delivery of your new unit, call the factory with the VIN and make sure all the technical bulletin fixes and recalls were performed on your new unit.
  • Electrical Innovations Inc.: Located in Louisiana. Read in a forum post where they can installed used generators and fix them up.
  • Ambest.com: To check insurance company ratings to include warranties.
  • CandCRVinsurance.com:  Broker for all types of insurance to include health.
  • Coach-Net: An often mentioned best roadside assistance insurance. Don’t buy it from the dealership. In fact, maybe have all your insurance and warranties picked out before going to the dealership and make the finance guy convince you his is better. They just don’t offer roadside assistance. They offer warranties and more.(9/9/17)


RV Lot Sales:


RV Magazines and News:

  • RVBusiness.com: Wealth of information about news in the industry. (4/23/15)
  • RV Tech Magazine: Found this site when looking a what coolants to use in a diesel engine (6/8/15)
  • RV Daily Report: I’ve just started looking around the site. Lots of topics. (4/15/17)