Hitch Shopping

Click here to read about pin boxes.

Click here for my blog post on the B&W Companion hitch we bought in 2019.

Here is 2015 this remains a confusing topic. I’ve been reading forum discussions regarding air hitches and those without.

  • I know we will be purchasing a long bed truck so a slider hitch is not something we will need.
  • Really need to make three decisions. They work together as a system. The pin box, hitch and suspension.
  • My preferred pin box is the Morryde. Wondering if a air ride hitch, such as the Trailair would be a good match. The Morryde box takes care of the chucking motion (front and back pulling) and the air hitch could handle the up and down motion.
  • A good hitch will tilt left and right as well as back and forth. Especially in the rare and dangerous times you have to hitch up at an angle.
  • Bill Napier is running a Curt Q24. B&W and Hensley seem to also be popular.
  • Great blog post on B&W hitches on Roads Less Traveled blog. They research the heck out of stuff and went with the B&W that hooks to the newer truck puck systems, allowing for easy removal of the hitch when necessary. They assembled the hitch and installed it in an hour. They have detailed pictures of the steps at the blog post.
  • December 2017 Reese announced a new hitch.  For heavy duty towing, introduces the M5, a revolutionized fifth wheel hitch that provides a convenient, reliable, and durable towing solution. With the M5, there is no longer a need to get out of the truck to open the hitch – the exclusive Ready-To-Receive patent- pending Talon™ jaw system allows the user to back in, secure, and go!