Heating and Cooling

Just getting started on research

Air Conditioning:


  • Interesting that Augusta Ambition has two furnaces rather than zoning them.
  • Of course we are going with a fireplace. Some units also add an electric heater in the wall of the bedroom.

Other Notes:

  • What about not having floor vents covered by slides when they are in?
  • Would prefer a dual zone thermostat.
  • Ducted AC wrapped in insulation with a way to vent moisture and curved tracks at the corners rather than square corners which block air flow.
  • Must have a quite ducted ac and heating system.  As of 2015 seems like builders address this a little different between units. Not the units where the return air is exposed to the inside of the rig below the ac unit. Whatever we get, I will listen to the ac run before we buy.


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