Heating and Cooling

Just getting started on research

Air Conditioning:

  • 9/26/16 reading the Coleman Mach 8 Low Profile AC are load. Also Coleman’s low profile had a fan redesign but are still loud.
  • I’d consider a heat pump on the living room AC but might not pay for it on the bedroom. Also for the larger trailers might want dual 15,000 BTU rather than one 15,000 and one 13,000, especially as they are ducted together.
  • Interesting owner’s group comment regarding whisper quiet systems was the whisper quiet comes from having shared duct work where you can have the living room cool the bedroom when you are in the bedroom and vice versa.
  • Here are a few comments I cut out of forum posts regarding different air conditioner brands:
    • All three of the units had Mach 8’s and were so quiet. My friends have a V-Line that has a Coleman Mach in it. Much, much quieter than the Dometic.
    • Our 2015 323BHS has the Atwood 13.5 a/c unit, and it performs well and is very quiet.I have the Atwood unit in my 2015 337. It is not noisy at all.


  • Interesting that Augusta Ambition has two furnaces rather than zoning them.
  • Of course we are going with a fireplace. Some units also add an electric heater in the wall of the bedroom.

Other Notes:

  • What about not having floor vents covered by slides when they are in?
  • Would prefer a dual zone thermostat.
  • Ducted AC wrapped in insulation with a way to vent moisture and curved tracks at the corners rather than square corners which block air flow.
  • Must have a quite ducted ac and heating system.  As of 2015 seems like builders address this a little different between units. Not the units where the return air is exposed to the inside of the rig below the ac unit. Whatever we get, I will listen to the ac run before we buy.


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