• Truck bed cover with rails: Go here for my blog postGo here for video
  • Tool box below the rails of truck: I’ve owned several and prefer one solid lid rather than two lids that have to be opened from individual sides of the truck.  I like silver metal rather than painted in terms of durability, however black may be an easy color to match with the truck and they can be painted. A trusted source went with a Brute fifth wheel tool box.
  • Fold-a-Cover: The one Jim is using. Hard top. Expensive but looks amazing.
  • Tire pressure monitoring: There is a good chance this will be an option already installed in the truck, however, as of 2015 I’m thinking one unit that handles both the truck and trailer tires would be best. I’m also wondering if Garman makes a GPS that can link to a system.
  • Air compressor: I’ll wait to find a good one when we are closer to the purchase date. Technology may change by then. Figure we will have at least a portable generator to run it, or just leave some air in the tanks in the event we do not have electricity. I’ve got this 135 psi 3.5 gallon unit now and if it holds up it may go with us. One attachment I like is the blow gun nozzle for blowing grass off my pants or dirt off stuff. Or dust from under the refrigerator and it’s cooling parts which we all should be doing.
  • Lube Ring: Goes between pin and hitch to stop scratches. But one for our B&W hitch which is 10″ in diameter.
  • Auxiliary fuel tank: Doubles as a tool box. The tank feeds into the main tank, no switches or gauges.  It keeps main tank full, once auxiliary tank is empty then the trucks fuel gauge starts down.
  • Portable Power Pack: Used to jump start a vehicle and charge devices. Bought one in 2016 and it’s worth the $70.
  • Powerbuilt Step: Light weight step that hangs on a tire so you can reach inside the bed of a truck.
  • Bed Rug: Need to compare those against spry-in liners.  Made of plastic material with lifetime warranty. Also provide a cushion. Big Truck Big RV guy uses them. I went with the factory spray in liner. 8/10/19
  • Truck Fueling: Not so much an accessory, but a very good blog post on fueling a truck. Suggest getting a Flying J/ Piolet customer loyalty card and a magnetic collar for the DEF dispenser.