Joined Good Sam Club and Website of Interest

Joined the Good Sam Club

In two weeks Karen and I plan to attend the local RV show. Last year we ended up going to the show on two separate days. There is a 50% discount on tickets if you are a Good Sam Club Member.  Normal ticket prices are $12 per adult. So we spent $48 last year to attend the show as we were not Club members.  We will attend every show over the next three years. So we joined the Club, mostly to save on RV show ticket pricing but might take advantage of trip planning, the 10% discount on camping sites and subscription discount for Trailer Life Magazine.

I signed up over on the Camping World site for a two year membership which came with a $25 gift certificate to Camping World.  Saving $24 on our RV show tickets the first year, added with the $25 gift certificate seemed like a no-brainer as the cost of membership was $54 with tax.

Website of Interest

Found a great blog that might be worth your time if you are new to all of this like us.  The Living Our Dream blog is full of great information.  On the right side of the page is a list of information sorted by State. The couple spent years fulltiming in a gas Class A and have now switched to a large fifth wheel.

3 thoughts on “Joined Good Sam Club and Website of Interest

  1. My husband and I are also looking forward to the KC RV show! While I’d love to attend every day, looks like we’ll just be hitting it on Friday due to conflicts that have come up. We are ~15 years away from fulltiming, but I’m appreciating the research you are conducting and sharing – very helpful!
    Don’t miss meeting Ed at A-Z Mobile RV…he’s a genius when it comes to RVs and they do really good work.


    • Thanks for stopping by Tia. I can’t wait for the show this year. Someday we hope to make it to one the larger shows in Tampa Florida or the largest in Hershey, Pa. But that’s a few years away for us.

      We are going to the KC show on Thursday and Friday. Some friends we normally go with can’t make it until Saturday – so there is a chance we may have our arms twisted to attend the third day -darn. Last year I kept an eye out for the factory reps that were there. Asked a lot of questions.

      I’ll try and find Ed from A-Z Mobile RV and thanks for the tip. Bet he can help explain a lot of questions.

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