Life in Kansas City – Tearing Down Sheds and Re-Finishing Decks

Not much going on here in our sticks and bricks world. Finally got two of our storage sheds that were in disrepair torn down. I also cleaned the deck stairs with a mixture of water, soap and bleach.  The formula is one part bleach and three parts water. I add a squirt or two of dish soap so the mixture sticks to the wood and scrub any molded areas with a brush. I finished the stairs with a good quality stain. I used a roller and brush to apply the finish, having had little luck with sprayers. 

CWF by Flood Deck Stain
Fourteen years ago I built a house down the street from our current home and the painter finished the wood with a product made by Flood.  The cedar front of the home looks new to this day. I’ve found Flood’s CWF wood stain to be an excellent product. The deck finish material is similar to a thin past when applied so it sticks like soap to the wood. This gives the wood time to absorb the finish. I highly recommend the product.



Finally making some progress on my 2016 list of things to do!  I’ll have to put some grass seed down this fall. The lawn died under the trash dumpster used to haul off the old sheds and a lot of junk from the house and property.

On the RV front, I’ve been studying up on batteries and refining my rating system for trailers to make it less subjective. More on both topics in a future post.

I’d appreciate your opinion about what RV batteries to start off with. Karen and I don’t want to limit where we are able to stay in our future fifth wheel which we expect will include a week or two boondocking at times. A generator is most likely in our future. I’m leaning towards six-volt AGM golf cart type batteries. However, if the trailer comes with a 12-volt battery we may just add another to start off with.


4 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Tearing Down Sheds and Re-Finishing Decks

  1. Mark, I always advise to stay on the side of walk before running. I would start with two 12 volt batteries and learn your uses and systems. If you really do like boondocking (we do), then upgrade the system and make the expense decisions at that time. Ask 50 people and get 50 different opinions. Consider the source and then make your own decision. BTW, we are getting ready to do a major upgrade of our batteries and solar.


    • Thanks for the advise Shawn. Sounds reasonable to start with two 12 volt. Unless we buy used, the trailer will come with one or two already. We decided to take the same approach with solar which is to use the phased approach. Meaning, We will start out with very little to nothing while monitoring our typical electrical needs applicable to whatever level of boondocking we do..


  2. I’m so happy you posted! We are taking our shed down this week but it’s going to another relative. We just took our Harley Davidson down to our son. I sure hope the rv lifestyle works out. I changed my blog to blogger due to my WordPress ignorance! Our daughter is designing a new one for us.


    • 8machine, sounds like with the bike and shed moving you guys are getting it done. I had also looked at blogger which appeared easier to manage and better for those generally just blogging about their travel. WordPress has a larger learning curve but was better for my blog because of the way it’s organized. I’ve thought about going to blogger when we finally take off full time. And then just put a link back to my WordPress blog which was created just for a place to park my notes while studying full timing and soliciting advise from others.


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