Ordered a Dumpster and Sold the Boat

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Parked beside a shed for more than 13 years has been our aluminum fishing boat. The last time the motor had been ran was eight years ago.  If I’d known it would be so easy to sell I would have done it years ago.  After spending a day cleaning it up I posted the boat on Craig’s List and had five emails by the next morning. Sold it to the first person who showed up with cash. The interior of the boat needed refurbishing, new tires and some work on the trailer. Priced it less than what I would have paid for it if I had planned to fix it up.

Dumpster (800x450)
A friend who is a home builder ordered us a dumpster at his discounted rate. We were also able to order a size larger at no extra cost.  Karen and I are going to walk through the house selecting items to dispose of that would not fit in our normal weekly trash container.  We agreed to select items together using the following rules for disposal: If we have not used it in four years, can’t give it away, can’t sell it or we are not going to use it in the next three years, then it goes in the dumpster. We also have two old sheds that are coming down so those are going in the dumpster.

If you are feeling like you stalled out with your downsizing efforts – order a dumpster and pitch some big items. It really is liberating.  I’m sure we will order another just after retirement. For now, the extra space in the house will be more usable while we still live here.

One of the sheds has already been torn down. The floor was built using treated lumber. We are planning to turn the floor into a deck which is attached to a remaining shed and in the shade of our woods.  Going to be a great new gardening area. (Update, we decided to pitch the rest of the shed floor rather than buying more lumber to finish a deck we would never use.)

Yet another advantage of starting so early in planning for retirement to an RV.

8 thoughts on “Ordered a Dumpster and Sold the Boat

  1. Love your enthusiasm and planning. We did a purge 3 years before we retired and put some items away then in our rental home. When we retired we did another purge and then looked at the items we stored at our rental for 3 years. Needless to say we did ANOTHER purge then and wondered what the &#*@) we were thinking when we saved those things. Our kids wanted zero of what we have saved for them.

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  2. We have stuff in boxes that we haven’t opened in over five years. We will probably move it to the new house. Ugh!!!

    Had stuff in the basement of the motorhome that was not touched in three years. It’s here with us in the basement of the rental house!! Ugh!! Ugh!!



  3. Good for you! I’m wanting to get a dumpster too. I could easily fine a lot of crap to put in one… We may just have to call Salvation Army to pick up some bigger items that don’t seem to be getting much response on Craigslist.


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