Our Day with Full-timers in Kansas City

Last Sunday Karen and I met up with John and Sharon who have been on the road fulltime for five years in their 37’ Tiffin Allegro motorhome, having retired from Texas.  I started following their blog, On the road of retirement, last October. According to my notes back then what attracted me to this blog was the writer is an over-thinker just like me. Definitely worth reading from start to finish. It’s as if I was reading about my own journey to retirement.

John and Sharon Hinton (800x450) (800x450)

John and Sharon in Kansas City


I’ll try and not repeat anything John wrote about our meeting. If you are interested, click here for his great blog post In other words – I’m being lazy.

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Just after John posted our blog lite up with hits.  They have quit a few followers! I had trouble keeping up with the comments on our own blog which I’m much thankful for.


Meeting full-timers has to be an excellent way to learn about life on the road. Karen and I really want to thank John and Sharon for taking time out to spend the day with us, touring the fine town of Kansas City.  I picked up on a few new vocabulary words such as “the fly-over states” which Missouri has been described as being part of.  If one spends enough time on the forums or reading blogs it becomes apparent Missouri is among the states less visited by full-timers.  I’m planning to do my part and try and change that!

I received word through their blog that John and Sharon would be heading close to Kansas City on their trek north. Sent them an email and the next thing you know we got together. 

We enjoyed the view from the Liberty Memorial – A.K.A World War One National Monument and Museum. I liked the photo of them taking photos of the cityscape!

Unlike my usual method of operation, I did not keep notes about all the advice passed along to us. I was busy just enjoying the day touring a few stops in town.  I had emailed John some suggestions and he passed along a few spots in Kansas City he might be interested in seeing. I learned it’s good to get a list of interests and maybe recommend the best example of stops similar to their interests. What also worked well was to send a text message when we arrived in the area of their first stop rather than making a bunch of phone calls.  I described what we were wearing, to include Karen’s monster black purse, and where we were standing at the City Market. Several minutes later this bubbly couple came up and asked if I was Mark.  

One piece of advice that stuck, was their method in someday deciding how to handle it if one or the other was ready to come off the road.  As John explained, every six months or so they have a talk and ask the other if they are ready to come off the road.  They previously agreed should one want to come off the road they give the other six months notice so they can make plans.  They are loving their time on the road and have no plans for it to stop!

 FYI – Those of us getting ready to go on the road are called future-timers.  John has also published an E-Book titled Budgeting for the Full Time RV’er. I was impressed that he had researched attending the World War One Museum and figured out the first weekend of each month is free for Bank of America account holders.  Apparently there are museums around the country with the same offer. Appears the same is true for Merrill Lynch credit and debit card holders.

Thanks again John and Sharon.  Travel safe!

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