Decision to Downsize to One Family Car

(Update 4/23/17 – We decided to keep a second car until we buy the new truck. We will be buying the truck a year before we go full time in an RV. We will decide at that time if we will sell Karen’s car based off if she feels comfortable driving the new truck. I have already sold our old truck, still have a company car and two family cars. One of the family cars will be traded in for the new truck.)

One of the great things about planning years in advance of going fulltime in an RV is the opportunity to realize cost savings that might not otherwise be available.  One of these major decisions for us is do we keep the three family vehicles we have now or downsize to one.  We have decided to downsize to one car.  Here is a link to my blog page on the subject if you are interested in more details.

Last year I had posted in several forums asking what others would do if they had eight years to plan for a future in an RV. One of the common suggestions was to downsize now. Well, as is the case for many, we moved up our expected departure date a few years. However, there remains ample time to make a few major decisions now that will benefit us over the next few years.

I’m hesitant to post about big ideas before the labor part is done. In this case, that would be selling two of the three family vehicles. This gives us a chance to solicit comments from you guys that may be thinking about the same ideas.

A short summary of what we are going to do is sell our old truck and one car. Keep the other and rent a truck or car for the few times one of us takes the remaining car out of town or we want to haul something. We have the benefit of a company car which I drive for work purposes. I’m also required to drive the company car at all times one week a month while on-call. Downsizing to one car might also not have been an option if Karen was not already retired or at worst case, maybe getting a part time job close to home.

Our schedule to make this change is in the not to distant future.  We have need of the old truck for a few more tasks to include hauling off an old boat and debris from the yard as we tear down an old shed and update our landscaping. We will be left with the inability to haul around our existing 5×10 utility trailer but have a plan for that as well. This could include renting a truck at times. I’m thinking about selling the trailer to a friend with the ability to use it should we need it.

(Update as of 9/18/16): We sold off our old truck but still have two cars. Karen decided she wanted a part-time job now that she is “retired.” Her work is just down the street from the house a couple blocks. We are selling off stuff that requires expenses such as maintenance and insurance.   This year the boat and truck are gone. Next spring we are selling off the motorcycle and then revisiting the idea of going to one car. The theory is that we would have a couple years before leaving in an RV to save more by having reduced expenses. Just another benefit of long-term planning.

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