Life in Kansas City – A Spring Snow Day

Happy Easter Sunday all: “And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:” (1 Corinthians 15:4)  Thank you Lord!

I can’t remember a time when it snowed in Kansas City on Easter Sunday while the grass had already turned green. It was coming down hard this morning but thankfully not sticking to the ground.  Our daughter came out to the house with her husband for a Sunday dinner. This reminded me of the times our family gathered on Easter Sunday when I was younger. Last night I feel asleep watching “The Bible” series on television. Late this morning I turned the television on. The exact same episode was playing at the exact same spot in the movie which was during the Exodus as God was parting the Red Sea. Weird….


Snow on Easter 2016 (800x446)

Large Snow Flakes on Easter Sunday – 2016


Karen and I went grocery shopping yesterday for a few items she needed for the dinner. Nearly every egg on the grocery side of Walmart was sold out. AND, even more discouraging was they had nearly no remaining Folgers Coffee. There must have been a lot of kids jacked up on coffee coloring Easter eggs this time of year.



Karen took a few photos last week of all our fruit trees in full bloom. I might keep these photos for an album. In a few years, or maybe less, when we sell the house we want to have an album which potential buyers can look through to see all the wonderful views of the property which might not be obvious for any given time of year.

I got a few things accomplished regarding planning for our future in an RV.  Researched RV toilet paper and met with my financial guy regarding investments. Both were equally interesting topics – not.

It appears buying expensive toilet paper made for RVs is an overkill and may not even be the best solution. We have a septic system at home so we decided to switch off to a different brand of toilet paper which is more digestible through the septic system and an RV. We plan on trying out two brands. Here is a video of the toilet paper test where Charmin Ultra Soft came out on top as a good brand for RV usage while Angel Soft came in second.

I may throw-up a blog post regarding a few topics I discussed with the finance guy as we prepare for retirement in a few years. It’s probable not a good idea to wait to make financial changes until a few months before retirement.  More on that later. If you’re interested here are a couple links back to posts regarding a few financial considerations.

Best RV Tips
I purchased an E-Book through Amazon that is packed full of information that’s usable for those of us learning about the RV lifestyle as well as for those of you with a lot of experience.

RV Best Tips by Steven Fletcher (2012). He also has a website called RV Tip of the Day.

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