Life in Kansas City – Dreaming of Hitting the Road

Not much going on here at home. I just finished updating our retirement plan and all still looks good from a financial standpoint for retirement to an RV in 2019.  I’ve been spending time getting a few larger items ready to sell off and tell myself not to buy anything that is not absolutely essential.  After nearly two years of research I decided to increase or budget for both a truck and fifth wheel. Go figure.

I met a couple at work today who lived fulltime for eight years in a fifth wheel. The wife was a heavy equipment operator and traveled with her company building bridges.  She suggested those going fulltime who still need to work a full time job should look for a company who travels to areas of the country working long-term projects.  They really enjoyed their stay in the Texas Hill Country – wherever that’s at. They full-timed in a heavy fifth wheel which was a KZ Escalade at the time. They downsized to a Montana High Country now that they are back in a sticks and bricks home. I toured the KZ Durango Gold and for our needs I rated it at 160 points out of 275 possible points.  Here is a link to my trailer review page. Please understand that my ratings are based on how Karen and I expect to use the trailer. The ratings would be different for others who have different expectations, budgets and needs. The couple I met have also stayed at a number of local Kansas City RV parks. They had a few suggestions as to where to stay when we are someday back in town. Karen and I have toured a few local parks and I’m keeping notes on the blog.

I started heavy research on fulltime RV living in September of 2014. I can’t believe how fast time is flying past. Each day I remind myself to enjoy life and what we have today rather than focusing on the goal of retirement. I’m not one to write about my emotions much. Mostly because I’m not good at describing them. During the past year and a half, I’ve had to overcome the desire to leave my job early and hit the road. I saw the job as just standing in the way of what I really wanted to do. Common sense took over in that I knew financially it made sense to keep on the current track to leave in 2019. I’ve even been thinking about staying until the spring of 2020 depending on when it’s a better time to sell a house.  I do enjoy most of what I do at work. With 30 years’ experience “on the job” things come easy at work and now is the time to enjoy it.

Be safe in your travels and at home.

4 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Dreaming of Hitting the Road

  1. I see that you are planning on selling your home, and that seems to be an item that may cause you to postpone your retirement until it sells. Let me suggest that you sell your home and move into your RV now. This should save you all sorts of money because the seasonal rate in the campground is surely cheaper than maintaining a house. This should also prove that you can live in the trailer full time. We sold our home last August and moved into our trailer. When the campground closed for the season, we moved into a winter rental on the coast. On May 6th we move back into the trailer. I do not retire until September 1st and we hit the road when the campground closes after Columbus Day.


    • Hi Russell, thanks for your comment. Another local I know moved to their fifth wheel a year before retirement while their house sat vacant and finally sold. I’m not overly concerned our house will not sell as long as folks are buying homes. I’m more worried that the housing market has been recovering in our area and we might miss out on a great time to sell if we wait too long. I built the same style home a few doors down from here and it sold quickly with three full-price offers. But that was during the housing boom. I’m hoping our home will do the same. So far we have only considered buying our rig a few months before the house sells so that once it does I can retire and move on without delay. Lots of decision to make in the next year or two!

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      • Good luck. I tell Kay that now we are homeless, and she gets mad at me, because our travel trailer is an awesome home. You know what, she is right. It is our home and a terrific place to live.

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