Spring Arrives and the Vilano is Comparable to the NuWa Hitchhiker

It’s official, spring has sprung in Kansas City. And the Kansas RV Center, who invented the fifth wheel RV, has announced the all new Vanleigh RV Vilano is a comparable replacement for the Hitchhiker which is no longer built. I’m still hoping Vanleigh adds disc brakes as a standard option. I want to know more about their construction methods as well as seeing how their customer service performs over time.  A few weeks ago I posted more information about the Vanleigh model we toured.

Here is a link to the Kansas RV Center’s write-up.  Also, Vanleigh has just introduced a second floor plan. It’s a 35-foot rear living room model.


Karen has all the garden seeds started inside so she will be ready to move the plants to our gardens once the ground temperature rises and the risk of frost is minimal which is around April 15th here. After more than 10 years starting plants indoors from seeds we have a definite list of what plants we start inside.

For annual flowers we start coleus, balsam, marigolds, petunia, geraniums and sometimes pansies.

For vegetables we start tomato, a couple eggplant and zucchini plants, cucumbers, peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe.

Plants Start Indoors

Plants Start Indoors


I noticed an interesting cargo van on the highway and thought I’d post a photo. Some folks who plan to live in a larger travel trailer are often worried about tongue weight. Wonder what you could tow with a dual wheel cargo van?

Dual Rear Wheel Van

Dual Rear Wheel Van




5 thoughts on “Spring Arrives and the Vilano is Comparable to the NuWa Hitchhiker

  1. I like the living room in the rear portion.feels more like a real house.
    Can’t wait to plant as well!
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts brother…


  2. Hey Ya’ll. Thanks for the good word. We absolutely tee totally love our New Home(Vilano 325 RL). The shades work so nice, lite pull up softly they go. The leveling system and the slide-outs system is great how they operate. 48″x30″ shower. Everything about it so far has been positive and Bryan at Vanleigh has answered all our questions and such a treat to talk with. Until next time.


    • lolanrush,

      Thanks for stopping by. See you got the newer floor plan (325 rear living). I will keep on following the Vilano. I noticed in their longer floor plan they have increased the advertised gray water tank size. That was a good move. I’m still looking for more information on the Morryde frame (no suspension but frame) they are using as well. Karen loved the flat cabinet door faces because they are easier to clean. Really nice trailer. And being a recommended fulltime trailer by the Kansas RV Center is one of the best referrals they can get.


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