Life in Kansas City- Still no Sign of Winter and DRV Introduces Their New Aire Fifth Wheel

Fall weather seems to be stuck in Kansas City. I can’t believe we have not had our first frost for the season. Next weekend the weatherman says that might change. Many area RV campsites shut their water off in mid-October and some even close the park.  It’s been over twenty years ago but I recall one winter where at the time I did not need to winterize our travel trailer.  Wonder if this will be another one of those winters? I spent the weekend getting the yard ready for winter such as mowing down spent wildflowers and cutting the grass short.

sigma-lens-800x582I’ve been taking a few photos using my favorite lens with the Canon EOS Rebel T3I which is the Sigma DC Macro HSM 18-250mm. The range for close to long distances of this lens is awesome for general photo taking and the price is right. I’d love to have the same in an L type lens which has better glass. I just can’t justify the price for how I use a camera. The Sigma lens adds some weight to the camera. I do take quite a few photos on my job at crime scenes. I noticed other agencies I work with are using the Sigma brand lenses. Of course, I did a lot of research before purchasing. Hmm,,,, maybe I can find a one week class for photography given the importance of it at work. Those skills would be nice to have. Although recently I’ve been relying on my cell phone for photos. When I post them to the blog I edit with the free to use Microsoft Photo Gallery and shrink them to a smaller file size so they load quicker in a browser. Smaller file sizes cut the resolution but it’s not a problem unless you plan to later enlarge the photo. I don’t want to waste precious data allowances for those with restrictive mobile data plans by posting full size photo files. One of my favorite blogs for photos is Ingrid’s at Live Laugh RV. She has done a fantastic job of listing what camera equipment she is using.

Sure Does Not Look Like November in Missouri
Views in our yard and hills out the front door

I also took a couple photos of our honey bees. This time of year they can get a little upset when you walk up close because of a lack of nectar sources. Glad to have had the zoom lens. You will notice in one photo where the bee’s wings are caught by the camera. Try that one without a DSLR lens. One of the benefits of a good camera is the quickness of the shutter speed for moving objects.



On the RV research front I finally got a look online at the all new DRV Aire. I’m hoping the Kansas RV Center will bring theirs to the RV show in January. Here is what they wrote about it: The “Aire” from DRV is a new lighter weight, slightly less expensive version of the Mobile Suite. Cost and weight were reduced by change from tube to I Beam frame, by eliminating the MorRyde IS feature, and by reverting to a 2 1/2″ wall versus the 3 1/2″ wall of the regular Mobile Suite. Walls are laminated, which increases strength. R factor is 11 1/2 versus 13 1/2. Dining table is free standing. The interior cabinetry and features are same or similar to the regular Mobile Suite. Great bathroom with double lavatory. Still has the vanity glide feature and the same full painted exterior. Dry weight reduced to 14,300 lbs, thus only needs “G” range tires versus “H” range. Axles are still 8K and has disc brakes. DRV has designed this trailer so that it’s weight will be compatible with a single wheel truck and even some of the new 3/4 ton trucks.

So far this is the only walkthrough video I could find albeit a very brief one.

A friend at work bought a Heartland Big Horn over a year ago and a neighbor who travels with him traded out his DRV Elite Suite for a newer model. They travel on longer vacations. His Big Horn has been problem free other than the fireplace stopped working. He says the DRV Elite Suite has had a ton of problems. I’ll most likely write up a blog post on the new DRV Aire once I have a chance to see it in person and fully research it. I’ll be most interested in comparing it against the Augusta Ambition, Heartland Landmark and others that appear to be in the Aire price point. DRV somewhat tried this before with the now discontinued Tradition. They are going up against some big boys in this price range.  Good luck to them.


new flash Sanibel by Prime Time/Forest River announced significant upgrades to its Sanibel luxury fifth wheel.

new flash Good article by RVer Insurance Exchange for pre-Medicare age. Or better yet, a summary of the article on the Wheelingit Blog.


6 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City- Still no Sign of Winter and DRV Introduces Their New Aire Fifth Wheel

  1. Thank you for the kind mention. During my ‘film’ days I shot with a Canon and Sigma lens and was very happy with the setup. My latest shopping obsession – mirrorless cameras. The Olympus micro four thirds has caught my eye recently. I think I shop for cameras like you shop for RV’s 😄 One day we’ll both pull the trigger on a purchase!


      • Sony was the first and I almost bought the 6000 but the lens selection is limited. Since Sony’s became so popular, many of the manufactures jumped on the band wagon….. Smaller, lightweight, with excellent sensors. A lot of photographers are dumping their full frame Canons and Nikons for the mirrorless model.


  2. Ingrid,

    What would you recommend for a portable similar to a Canon Powershot? I’m not that concerned about video at this point.

    I’ve been checking out the mirrorless since you mentioned them. I had been looking at the Canon 70D and now the T6I looks impressive for the money. Then I think maybe I’d just stick with a okay cell phone camera for quick stuff.

    I suppose as we already have the T3I with a lot of accessories if we were to add another it might be a pocket job with digital zoom. Would be nice to have one that could handle a little weather such as dust and moisture.

    I read on your blog where you are using a polarizing filter. Same here and went with a good adjustable one. Really is the only filter one would need. Karen has a ton of other filters for color, zoom and such. Never uses them.


  3. Hey Debbie;

    It is, at least judging from the photos. I’m hoping the Kansas RV Center will bring one to the Kansas City RV show in January. They usually bring the newest. Really would like to see why it’s different than the other two lighter weight attempts they have made.

    But, with all the fine construction and upgraded brand names DRV uses in the Mobile Suites, they are still no better than those that assemble them. Seems like in so many new trailer issues you read about has more to do with something not installed correctly rather than something breaking. Suppose that is the risk in it all. We are going to try and hit a couple other factory tours later (maybe). Or might just role the dice based on talking to folks and touring the ones that are already built. 2018 might be our big year to buy the truck and then think about if we get the trailer then.

    Miss reading your blog posts but see you guys on RVillage and posts on other’s blogs.


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