RV Factory Tour Planned and Visiting Family for the Holiday

This will most likely be my last blog post until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all can spend the holiday with family or another special location. Karen and I are heading to Michigan to visit with her mother and family. To other family I miss you all. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be on-call for the Christmas holiday and must stay in town or if we can come see ya then. I’ve got no excuse for not visiting those in the Kansas City area.

On the way north we are stopping for our first RV factory tour which is already setup. It will be a one on one tour with a product specialist. I had been figuring the tour being held with a group of people but perhaps with the holiday others are not taking factory tours. I’ve got my list of questions and interest prepared and will report back what we see and learn while in Elkhart Indiana. The 2017 fifth wheel models are important to us. For the more expensive RVs I could see buying one from the 2017 models a couple of years from now. We also hope to see a few more floor plans to narrow that selection as well. We are heading to Augusta RV for our first tour!

On another topic, I took some photos of our pets, mostly to show off the fancy dog harnesses Karen bought months ago. Like so many other dog owners we have gone through about every available collar configuration.  The Unho Dog Body Harnesses are awesome.

Here is a photo of the Unho Body Harness and our boys wearing them. Karen wanted a setup that would not put pressure on their necks to avoid restricting their breathing while still maintaining control of the boys. Both dogs tend to see something interesting and try and run off towards it. That might be the nature of Cocker Spaniels who are hunting dogs at heart. Years ago, I hunted game birds with my then English Setter. I took Karen’s Cocker Spaniel along a couple times. The dog had no training but instinctively pointed birds and searched for the dead ones.

Another important development for me is an opportunity to keep a current part-time job while traveling. In 2014 I sold a small construction contracting business to a key employee. I kept an office job that requires on average 10 hours of my time per week. The new owner has suggested I keep the job when we travel. I’ve not made the decision to do this yet but it sure opened an income option. Frankly, this job pays enough that we might not need a sessional workamping position to meet our budget. Although Karen and I would want to at least volunteer for a spot at times. So enters yet another planning opportunity. I would need to keep a computer, two smaller printers, have internet access for a few hours each week and most challenging would be mail service. I’ve been running through the options in my mind and know this is doable. I’ve got two years to make the decision so there is time for more thought. For sure if I decide to keep the job this would solidify my retirement date by greatly reducing what income we need to save up before hitting the road. Although I would of course keep saving whatever we could. I called my work’s pension company. A full year of work credit is based on having completed 1,000 hours for the year. With my usual overtime, I get to the 1,000-hour mark by July. Although in my final year on the job Karen and I plan to use up six to eight weeks of vacation while traveling in our then new RV. I’m not sure how the vacation time will affect the 1,000-hour requirement in 2019.

On the same topic, I read a job posting at the Workamper News site which is now free to join by the way. Historic Images.com: Hire people at .30 cents a photo to add text to photos. Says you can do 35 photos an hour ($10.50 per hour equivalent) and requires 150 photos a week to keep the job.  You need internet service and they will send you a 1099 for taxes.  From what I understand, Historic Images works with newspapers to help digitize their historic photos. The job requires you to enter data from the back of the photo. If you have the internet service I could see doing this while siting by a nice lake. They send your pay to a PayPal account. This might be a not so interesting job yet something you can start before hitting the road and then carry over the income to a mobile lifestyle. Contact is evelyn@historicimages.com. That’s all I know about it. You might surf the web for more details and reviews or call the company. I would post a link directly to the Workamping News listing but I’m not sure that’s possible or within their policy.


new flash  RV Factory Purchases Augusta RV, combining their operations. This will be interesting to watch as among other processes, the RV Factory uses laminated walls on their toy haulers while Augusta uses hung wall construction on their fifth wheels. More on this later.


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