2020 Decisions

This is our final months of planning before we retire.  As this is our current retirement year, I’m trying to keep things off the list that we could have done earlier.  Our actual retirement date was set for 2/13/23. However, by saving extra money we were able to improve on the date to as earlier as 2019. 

This list is a bit long. As we moved our date up from 2/13/23 I’ve just been moving the effected years to-do list to the new retirement year. I’ll most likely try and cut this years list down by completing items a little earlier.  But then again, maybe it would be easier to get things done if we were already retired.

  • Check into RV driving classes – maybe call a local trucking school to see if they can refer to a class
  • How to handle annual family events. I already began stopping excepting responsibilities that require I do something every month or every year.  I’ve applied this in other areas of my life as well. Some events I just have to attend.
  • Start more in-depth review of RV technology such as phone, television, solar and other.  Consider what should be added at the time of purchase and what to wait on to see what is popular. Most likely we will add tech after we are on the road. (actually started in 2015 because I was finding ideas as I read other blogs)
  • Start studying outline for RV maintenance.  This might be moved to another year. Assume we will be firm on 5th wheel or class A decision by now. Check lists rule!
  • Review Angie’s List: Would this be a good way to find services on the road?
  • On-line banking review.  Got some early advice to look at Credit Unions for free national ATM usage.  As of 2015 we are with Bank of America and have been for years. Wells Fargo seems to be popular amongst full timers.
  • Actually finish going paperless.  Moved from 2015 when I started scanning and shredding. We will need to have bills and similar forms of paper mail sent electronically to avoid having to pay for extra mail forwarding. Figure over a years time those we do business with would have stopped sending items by mail.  Most already offer the service. This will also give me time to work out the kinks such as companies who insist on sending paper mail after taking our names off a list developed through online activity.
  • Draft up an itinerary for our first year on the road. Found this idea on the Meandering Maddox’s blog. Bet I can get Karen heavily involved in this one.
  • Research and join camping clubs for reduced park rates and other benefits. Here is 2016 I’m reading many say to not join any, other than maybe Good Sams and certainly Passport America, until after we are on the road.
  • Finalize research on healthcare (one of us will not have Medicare)
  • Select domicile (as of 2014 TX, SD and Florida are popular). I read where some change their mailing address a few months early so they can see who they have to notify that their address has changed. Also helps in establishing the official domicile. They just have the mail send back to their sticks n bricks house.
  • Check life insurance rates.  Is it cheaper to take the survivor benefit for pensions or buy life insurance? Also compare what amount of life insurance would be required to replace the income for a specific number of years.
  • Vehicle fuel savings memberships.
  • Look into what bank to use when full-timing.  Done. I see no reason not to just stay with Bank of America. They are a national brand with excellent online services. As a veteran I also jointed USAA and might make use of their insurance and or banking services as here in 2016 their ATM service is free.
  • Find out how to access pensions.  In 2014 when I revised my retirement plan I had anticipated using IRA accounts. That changed when I decided to keep a part-time job when on the road.  We are not going to need to get at IRA funds as part of our travel budget. In 2017 I hired a financial planner and consolidated resources. Now I just have to make one phone call to setup any changes should we suddenly need to get at retirement savings and then I’d probably setup quarterly withdrawals. We are thinking about starting off with a certain amount in our checking account and replace what is spend with pension income and workcamping.
  • Prepare house for market and list it (waiting for retirement as should have time to get this done during the day). In reality this started back in 2015 with scheduling home repairs spread out through the years. Completion of this step is simply having the home to ready to show condition.
  • Rent a storage unit or not. Here in 2014 I’m not sure if this will be a factor or not so added it to schedule. Perhaps if we started with a unit we could downsized from there. Then items we want to pass on to our survivors let them store it for us in case we buy a stick built home later. What about the most secure storage options?
  • Safe Deposit Box or not?
  • Consider starting travel blog rather than adding to this blog. I could see the need for a different theme. Na, keeping it as it is so I don’t loose any followers. Although I may consolidate all the planning related pages into three or four pages rather than having it be the general theme of the blog.
  • Hmm.. Complete final purge – do we move into the RV while house is for sale or leave furnishings inside house for now?
  • Get a second credit card for travel. From a different bank in case our main card gets blocked for some reason while a new one is  being shipped.
  • Get up to speed on current “best” RV construction. Done -With special attention to weak points.  Started construction methods research in 2015 and kept current.
  • Purchase an RV rating subscription. RV.org is the one that comes to mine.  I’ll have to see what others are recommending at the time. Did this in 2017. With as much research as I’ve done this was not a big help. I’d only suggest buying one during times they are advertised at a discount, that is unless you have very little time to plan.
  • Review exit strategy.  This might include what to do with extra money from house sale and do we invest it in something like a winter RV parking spot that can be resold or rented. See how it went with Jack.
  • Find an RV park near Kansas City and Springfield worthy of spending a season at so we can visit family. Make use of RV Park Reviews.com. Got the KC one done (Smithville Lake is best for us so far).
  • As of 2017 I have an opportunity to keep a part-time job while on the road. If I keep the job then start doing the work at home as if we were mobile such as from a laptop and testing internet connectivity other than our current cable modem. In 2017 I started keeping a list of job task that had not been converted to online, such as paying taxes, sending invoices and communicating with the owner of the company. I’ve been converting the processes over when it makes since.

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