Bought an Outdoor Grill and Table

Okay, so I know it’s not always good to go out and buy a lot of stuff for your RV until you actually own it and discover how you like to use it. Just not sure I agree to wait for some purchases, especially if you can use them immediately. Fortunately I also have time to do the research and wait for items to go on sale.

I kept some notes on a separate page to refer back to.  Here’s the page if you are interested. Otherwise following is a quick summary.

Went with the Weber Q 1200. Karen and I saw them go on sale at Walmart last year around September at a huge discount. So we watched for a sale this year and picked one up for about 30% off. Living in our sticks and bricks does come with a side benefit of having time to wait and shopping local stores for deals.

I already had an extension for a propane line and an extra propane tank, although the grill can run off the small disposable bottles.

I like the fact this grill has a thermostat, built-in shelves on the sides and electronic ignition. So far we cooked steak, bratwurst and thick pork chops. Came out perfect with the food tasting better than I could have expected.

A runner up during the search was the Blackstone 17″ griddle. In the end I figured it would be hard to cook a whole chicken on it and we can add griddle plates to the Webber or just cook griddle type food on the stove in in the kitchen. Although watching my sister Mary cook breakfast in a frying pan on a conventional gas outdoor grill is a sight to behold.

Blackstone 17″ griddle

The table is an all aluminum Coleman. Caught that on sale as well as I had time to wait. It rolls up into a small bag. I found out about them after I posted on the forums for advise. We may also be looking out for a 5′ folding table as our 4′ table is trashed.  When we are setup in a campground for a couple days we like having a longer table under the awning without dragging a big wood picnic table under it.

Once we get our fifth wheel, and I’m still working fulltime, we plan to equip it before we hit the road fulltime. Maybe in a couple years I’ll look back and see how that worked out.


12 thoughts on “Bought an Outdoor Grill and Table

  1. Ok Brother! I must have a set up like that now! I will be looking for the sales!
    I have to admit, I really like that flat grill set up too!….hmm 😳 I may have to check them “both” out, since im the “head cook”


  2. Mike recently got a Blackstone griddle and absolutely loves it–so much so he gave away his grill (I never thought I would see the day he’d agree to that!). We had a Weber and it cooks wonderful, so I don’t think you’re going to be a bit disappointed. If we’re ever in the same place, we’ll have to do some steaks to see which is truly better!


    • It really was a hard decision not to go with the grill because I can see how extremely flexible the Blackstone could be to cook any meal on (other than a whole BBQ chicken). If I had a big diesel pusher with plenty of outside bays, I’d have two grills and see which one gets used the least. Especially for the price of the Blackstone at around $75.

      One thing I don’t like about the Weber Q 1200 is the electronic ignition is flimsy where it attaches to the outside of the grill. I could see the casing for it getting knocked off when it’s moved.


  3. We bought quite a few things before we got our RV. I think it makes sense because if you have done your research you don’t want to have to re do it again later. Amazon is also much easier when you have a house to deliver to. We only had a few smaller things we bought early that we ended up not needing.


    • Exactly the way I think also Jerry!

      The stuff we have purchased so far we know we will use based on our previous RV and camping experience. I’m hoping I’ve read enough blogs and talked to enough travelers to know there should not be better examples of what we want.


  4. Nice! I hadn’t noticed the griddle top for it until you pointed it out. We are looking at the 2000 series, a little bigger. I need to buy it before we give the house up so I can cook on the smaller one, I have to downsize myself from the big gas grill and the 850 lb smoker. I might as well start downsizing now…….


    • I was looking at a couple larger, solid griddle tops the other day. The Weber version just takes up half the grill surface. However, I was serious when I wrote my sister just uses a frying pan.

      I need to watch a few more videos on the Weber version before I get the griddle top. Maybe there is a version that takes up the entire burner surface.

      On this Weber I noticed how the grill surface is positioned where the solid parts are over the burner. I’m wondering it that cuts down on flare-ups because so far I’ve had nothing burnt and the instructions say to Weber Q is designed to be used with the lid down. That gives us little chance of putting out a flair-up from the grease. I’m just overall impressed with the design.

      Thanks for the comment Trent.



      • I get you now, you were thinking of basically using it like a stove. Hmmm, I was going to carry a two burner Coleman propane for that purpose, but the cast iron on this may do the trick and save some space. Thanks, Trent

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  5. We love our grill and cook on it all the time (well – Bill does!). We have a flexible mat that goes on the grill for things like fish and veggies so they don’t fall through. We love it – can get it at RV Shows and probably Amazon. Our ignitor doesn’t always work but we have a flame stick so no big deal. Also – Bill refills the small bottles so save on buying them. So far it has been working well!


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