Weekend of Downsizing and Painting

Today was our family reunion which is held annually in Southern Missouri. I decided to stay home this year. Weekends are valuable commodities around here. Especially with just about a year left before we move on to the great RV adventure. Spent the time downsizing and painting.

Selling the motorcycle is among four things I’d like to get done before purchasing our dually truck.  Selling the hot tub happened a few weeks ago. Yesterday the motorcycle left the driveway and I was not riding it!   SOLD…

IMG_2460 (1024x683) (640x427)

This was one of many bikes I’ve owned. Had one since I was 18 years old. This latest bike was a big 1500cc which Karen and I much enjoyed riding through the scenic hills that surround our home. Sold it to a friend of a friend. I’ve actually had good luck selling stuff to co-workers and their friends. They all know we are leaving next year.  Sold a freezer to a co-worker’s daughter. She thanked us for the great deal, how clean the freezer was and the fact she had a young family and can now shop for bulk foods.  Win – Win deal for sure.

I should add an update regarding the truck I found in Springfield Missouri. It sold before I had a chance to make a move on it.  Was not meant to happen I’m sure. A part of me really wants to stick to a schedule leading to the purchase. However, after a lot, and I mean a lot, of shopping around I can say it’s fairly difficult to find a decent used truck equipped the way you want for hauling heavy loads. If I had to do it all over again, I’d figure out a way to be in a better position financially to buy a truck when I find it. We are debt free as of last January and I really don’t want to change that with a truck loan.  Meanwhile, our truck fund is growing so that’s a good thing.

I’ve been surfing the web for new blogs to read.  It’s an easy search in that for the most part I just hop over to blogs I follow and look at their list of other blogs they happened to follow. Especially from the list of bloggers who happened to be over-planners like myself. Here is a list of blogs I follow in case you are looking for a few to read.  I have several more bookmarked and check in on them every couple months.

At this point in planning what works good for me is to take a look at a blogger’s lists of past postings, selecting one that is written in the same time period we are at right now. For example, as we are into heavy downsizing and selling stuff off, I tend to be attracted to those pages. Finding all kinds of tricks and hints others are using. A blogger mentioned using Freecycle.org to get rid of personal belongings. Although the program is international, our local group does not appear to be very large. Check it out for your area. Basically, Freecycle is a not-for-profit created years ago to reduce the amount of materials going to landfills. Everything listed is free for the taking or giving. Another lead I got off a blog was Bagster.com. Here you buy very large bags and a boom truck comes around to haul them off.  Might be cheaper than a dumpster. Personally, I may just borrow a dump trailer from a friend once we have our truck for a trip to the local landfill. Already did the dumpster thing back in June when at the time we had plenty to fill it.  Dumpster are so convenient.

As I wrote earlier, we skipped the family reunion this year and spent time painting on the outside of the house. Believe I’ll never use a paint brand again other than Sherwin-Williams. It may sound funny but I had it down as a goal to paint one side of the house each year for the past four years. I’m behind schedule. Thankfully we are painting everything the same color and using a high quality paint so one coat coverage may be the time saver we are needing.  Karen read where if you paint something blue it will cut down on the number of bugs that cling to a surface. It works.. She painted the ceiling of our porch as an experiment a few years ago. 

20180805_180026 (800x600)

I repainted the blue ceiling with the local Ace Hardware paint she had originally used. Took about 25% more effort compared to the better Sherwin-Williams paint I’ve been using on the remainder of the house. You can’t see the blue ceiling from the street or sidewalk for that matter. So it does not stand out unless you are underneath it. Then it’s rather attractive.

I’ve sold three houses I’ve lived in. I painted all three.  A brush and roller are the main tools in my opinion after trying all the gadgets.  I really like the How to Paint a House Videos for tutorials. And here is a video on cleaning a roller and paint brush. This guy has it right. I personally don’t use a wire brush to clean a paint brush unless it has a lot of dry paint on it and then I also apply paint thinner. If you trust your method to clean a brush and roller completely then it’s not so hard to swallow the price of a decent roller and brush.

We are hiring a contractor to paint a taller side of the house because I don’t have the proper ladders for that. And now that I’m old I don’t bounce very well when falling off ladders.

We have one other blue ceiling in our home. I know it can be risky to “experiment” with colors in a home when you are looking to sell. We certainly have appreciated the differences while living here.  We added the sunroom maybe 10 years ago. The ceiling is vaulted so you don’t see it until you are in the room.

It’s a little difficult to see in these photos. From our kitchen you walk into the sunroom through a cased opening seen in the left photo. The photo on the right is the blue ceiling. This is actually a relatively expensive option for paint. Because it’s applied by the drywaller. First you paint the ceiling a flat color. Blue in this case, although a pale yellow is beautiful as well. Then the drywaller adds white paint with his ceiling texture before spraying it on the ceiling. Really gives the room an open and airy feeling.

Karen enjoys this room on a daily basis. When we starting using our third bedroom/office for a staging area to sort junk, she moved her desk into the sunroom. Now she gets to look across the back yard towards the treed hillside. Next year we both should have views like that – out our future RV windows.

20180729_144207 (800x600)

Karen’s view from her desk – Nice

Karen says our cousin Kathy posted photos of the family reunion. Believe I’ll head over to Facebook to check them out.


6 thoughts on “Weekend of Downsizing and Painting

  1. Well, we sure missed you at the Reunion, but I’m happy you are moving towards your goal. Next Year’s gonna be cool…so you just come then. The house looks great! I know it feels good to get these checkmarks off your list. Let me know if you need me to check on anything for you in Springfield in the future. Trucks, etc… I am so happy for you…and a little envious 😍
    Talk to you soon!


  2. Sounds like you are really moving along quite nicely. We are very close to getting our house on the market. A house just 3 doors away sold in a day with a back-up offer so I don’t think we will have to wait long once we do it. We just have a few more minor repairs to do and then we are ready. We managed to find an RV park just blocks from our house that we booked until the end of the year. Hopefully that will give us enough time to finalize and close our business. We also reserved a site in Washington state for next year so that we can help our son remodel his bathroom. We now need to figure out what to do in between. I really appreciated all your RV research as it helped us greatly with looking for an RV. We are just a little ahead of you in starting this new life and hopefully we will run into each other somewhere along the way.

    Thought you might want to know about a movie that’s coming out in November called “RV Nomads.” It was written and produced by many different full-timers. Here is a link to their website if you want to learn more https://my.epicnomad.life/



    • Hi Lori,

      Wow, you guys must be excited to be close to putting the house on the market. I might be overdoing the repairs on ours, if that’s possible, given in our price range there are few for sale around here.

      Have you guys decided on a domicile state?

      Thanks for the reminder on the RV Nomads movie. I pre-paid for a copy a long time ago as I recall. Hebard’s Travels had mentioned it a while back.

      Hope to you see on the road as well. – Mark


  3. You will be on the road soon. The year will fly by. We are taking a northern route for our trip to the southwest and we will come through Missouri on the trip in the spring as we head back to the northeast. See you in the spring. Do you have a retirement date?


    • Hi Russ, hope you and Kay are doing well and staying healthy.

      The only retirement date I’m willing to say right now is no later than September 1, 2019. Lots of vacation to use before that as well.

      As I’m sure you are aware, there are lots of things to accomplish before then and timing is everything. Best guess is get the truck and trailer by early next spring. Put the house up for sale a short time later and see how it goes. I want to have the trailer for a while to make sure there are no issues with it before we go full time. Best get them fixed while we still have a house to live in.

      I’ve been working on my “fit for retirement plan.” Been to the doctor- all is well but wants me to get a stress test to make sure there are no problems. Lost 12 pounds so far and stopped chewing tobacco months ago. Insurance situation will be changing after retirement and just want to verify all is good to go before I loose all my sick days 🙂



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