Garage Sale Preperation

Karen and I are thinking we will conduct up to three garage sales before we finish downsizing. The first of which we have planned for next month.

We moved the cars outside and have started packing stuff into the garage. Karen wants time to make sure everything is clean before we set it up for the sale.  The week before the sale I’m going to contact the two local sources for advertising garage sales and place a well written add.  We live on the corner of a major street so I’ll put a sign up pointing to our house.

For months now, we have been boxing stuff around the house that we intend to sell. It will be nice to get that all moved out of the way. We are both keeping in mind the purpose of the sale is to get rid of stuff and not make a lot of money.

For months we have been disposing of stuff in the trash (trash day is Tuesday) by topping off the barrel. A few years ago we stopped, for the most part, buying anything we would have to later sell. That has saved us much $$$$.

I considered an estate sale but decided against it. And we have decided to keep up to a 5×10 storage unit which is the size of our guest bathroom.  If we keep our artwork or not will dictate if the storage is climate controlled or not. And we are hoping to leave two totes of valuable stuff with family.  The hard part is deciding what we need to keep for the road, especially tools and kitchen stuff. Although we have RV experience which gives us a few ideas.  And if we keep a storage unit we can keep a few items that we are undecided as to if we will need them on the road or not.

A couple blog readers are ahead of us in planning and I’ve really appreciated the emails, comments and text messages passing along what they are discovering. My email is if you are interested in corresponding. Or you can text me at 816-854-0684. I don’t carry my phone everywhere but will eventually get the text. Or better yet, post a comment so others can learn from you.

I have a buyer for the motorcycle which is going in the shop next week to have the carburetor cleaned before the sale.  That’s good news and step two before we buy our truck.  I highly recommend selling off stuff you are paying insurance and property tax on as early as possible.

I’ve also contacted three contactors regarding a few things I’d like their help on at the house. Although I can fix about anything myself, I’ve not got time for it while I’m still working.

11 thoughts on “Garage Sale Preperation

  1. Hi Mark, we had a garage sale today. Made $150. Facebook usually as a garage sale section for your town. has worked well for us too. It was our second. We are planning on taking off January 2019. Getting ready to make our final decisions on RV and truck. Renting not selling house, but still have to empty it out. Have 2 bedrooms empty and one bath and more to go.


  2. We are headed your way and would love to meet up. Maybe we can share some India from the other side of launch! I will email you our itinerary for next two weeks.

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  3. A recent article about retirement suggested that if you live in a colder area of the country, unless you are planning an immediate departure to warmer climates, don’t retire on December 31 (as everyone seems to do). It’s too cold to do anything! Wait until Spring. Same goes for you guys….


    • Yup, we have not officially moved the date up from November 1st but plan on doing it at some point. Trying to figure out if our first stop is to the north or going directly south. Will make a difference.


  4. We’ve had 2 garage sales and won’t do it again. Too much work for not much reward. I’m having better luck selling bigger ticket items online. Spent an hour posting a Thule ski box on Kijiji and a bunch of Facebook pages and sold it in 3 minutes. I’ll organize an estate sale just before we move out. I’ve been watching how some of the professional estate sale orgs do it, like Sell My Stuff, and I’ll set it up the same way. Thanks for all of your “getting ready” posts, they have been really useful. Our plan is to hit the road in April of 2019. Cheers,


    • Judith,

      This I our first one in our current home location. Posted an add in the paper, Facebook, Craigslist and putting up signs on main road.

      We are setting it up with tables and bookcases. The larger stuff in the driveway. So hopefully all we have to do is push whatever does not sell into the garage for the night. Figure we will take another try at it in a month or so. If we have luck then next spring we will have a final sale.

      If we have no luck in our first two sales then we will do the estate sale thing as well.

      Also fill the trash can 🙂


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